Welcome to the Scape Card
Introducing the Scape Card!  
By Katie

So the Scape Card has officially launched! WOO! So I bet you are wondering where you can use your pink card? 

We have a range of fantastic friends of Scape dotted all around London and Surrey which your pink Scape card will unlock discount in! 

ScapeMag - March'16.pdf

Here is a little insight into some of the offers that featured on the Scape Magazine;

The Dovetail
9-10 Jerusalem Passage, London EC1V 4JP

Fondu offer
Choose either our meat or vegetarian cheese and beer fondu for an amazing 25% off!

Belgian Chocolate fondu (£8.95)
Scape residents get free Belgian Jenever - flavoured Belgian gin. 
More details; 

Shoreditch Pub Crawl 
25% off Friday and Saturday
2-4-1 Thursdays 

More information

Popworld Guildford
Cheap on the door entry plus amazing offers on Scape Students night events!

More information to come on our social media sites!

Shoreditch Street Art Tour
1/3 off tickets! Just select 'under 16' tickets and bring your Scape Card along for the tour! 

More information; 



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