Things to do After Your Exams This Summer

So your exams are coming to an end and you’ll quickly realise how bored you are without all of that last minute revision.

Check out some of the coolest things going on this summer in London.

Eating out

Everyone loves going out for food, and luckily for us, there are loads of options when it comes to grabbing a burger in the sun. After living off of pasta for weeks on end, head to the Urban Food Fest in Shoreditch! Which opened May 16th until the end of this year, you’ll definitely be able to find time to try some of the delicious world foods served at a variety of stalls and trucks. All of that food will likely build up a thirst, and thankfully the Urban Food Fest has an answer for that in the form of multiple bar stalls. There are often themed days, and people coming in fancy dress get a free cocktail! Speaking of free, entry to the Urban Food Fest is also free, the food however is not.

Rooftop bars

Now that your exams are over and done with, you can celebrate with your mates and head to Frank’s Cafe in Peckham, for a wide range of meantime beers on tap, on a rooftop! Peckham isn’t known for being the most scenic of places, but this location is great and the view from the rooftop of this previous multi-storey car park is really nice too! The difficult thing with many rooftop bars is that you often pay the premium price on your drinks; Frank’s Cafe however is very competitive, and with their great selection of beers, you can’t refuse!

Live music

So now that you’ve been for food and had a drink at London’s best rooftop bar, I guess there’s only one thing left on the list… check out some of the great live music festivals that London has to offer! One noteworthy event is British Summertime, at Hyde Park this summer between June 18th - 27th. With artists ranging from The Who to Taylor Swift, there’s something for everyone! Check out more information including ticket prices here.

Theme parks

Theme parks are open all year round, but who wants to ride Oblivion during the rainy months of Spring? If you have a Merlin Pass then you will be able to go tour all of the well-known theme parks this summer! From Thorpe Park, to Alton towers, just make sure that you plan your journeys in advance and book train tickets using your 16-25 railcard if you have one. If you don’t have the right Merlin Pass, then you can still get good summer entry deals if you book in advance, especially if you book as a group.


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