Accommodation Searching for your Second Year 

Attention current first years! You’re in your second term; that went fast didn't it? This means that your contract at your accommodation is one step closer to ending and it maybe time for you to start preparing to find somewhere to live in your second year. I’ll give you some brief tips and advice to those of you in search of somewhere, but without a clue of where to start!

Know what you want

It sounds stupid, but before you can search you need to know what you’re searching for, right? Maybe you want to stay in the same place in your second year, in which case it’s just a matter of contract renewal (hopefully). But maybe you want to try something new; perhaps you want to live with newly made friends in a house, or you may want to just move to a different location. If you want to house share then remember that you don’t need to share with people on your course! There are websites where you can join current house share as I’ll discuss below.
If you’re looking to share with uni mates then you should probably start suggesting it to them now, so you can make sure that you have a group to rent with in your next year. If you want to meet new people, then joining a current house share is a good option. When searching for a house share like this, be sure to check for details of the current occupants of the house including gender, habits e.g. smoking as you may not feel comfortable living with certain people, and it would be terrible to find this out after you’ve paid a deposit. Also if you’re a couple looking check if the house is looking for couples as this is sometimes a preference.

Living Independently as a Student

Maybe you want some peace and quiet and would prefer living in a studio flat/apartment alone. Something to check here is whether the apartment is part of a student apartment block, as you may not want to live with constant student parties happening around you. But if this is your thing, then check out some student apartment blocks! Or perhaps you like both partying and studying, in which case student accommodation may be better for you.

In The Middle

Student halls of residence are sort of in between sharing a house and living alone. You have your own room and maybe your own bathroom, but you’ll also have dedicated communal areas like a communal kitchen where you’re able to socialise (and cook) in. You may have already stayed in student halls in your first year, but beware that some universities reserve their student flats for first years only. There are other private halls of residence available to look into that are usually around the same price.


You may be certain of where you want to stay and who with, but remember that price is a huge factor that will likely dictate where you stay. Living alone is probably going to be more expensive than sharing the costs with house/flatmates, so consider that when deciding where to move.

Where next?