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Generation Facebook

By Katie

Along with the founding members, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in his Harvard dorm in 2004 at the age of 20.

Starting as a program exclusive to Harvard students, Facebook has now taken on the world and gone onto change how we stay in touch, the way we share our lives, changed the way we view privacy and changed the way brands interact with us. Now Facebook, on average, has over 1.4billion monthly active users and has changed the world, which is over 67% of the worlds population... pretty impressive. 

The Facebook to Facebook

Facebook started small, tapping into the markets that Zuckerberg and co knew, ie- Harvard. Facebook, branded The Facebook, was initially restricted to students of Harvard College and within the first month, more than half of the undergraduates at Harvard were registered on the service. From there, following the advice of Napster founder Sean Parker, The Facebook became Facebook and started expanding their membership eligibility to employees of several companies including Apple Inc and Microsoft. In 2006, Facebook was available to everyone with a valid email address and now is worth over a wopping $350 billion. It all started with an idea, Zuckerberg stuck with it, utilised his strengths and is now worth a staggering $52.6 billion.

Now it's your turn 

Startup Lab: The Entrepreneurs is a competition exclusively for Scape residents. We want you to pitch your business idea to a panel of entrepreneur judges.

The winner will get;
• A desk at WeWork from January till August worth over £3,000. 
• Access to WeWorks events and internal portal.
• A chance to network with the most exciting startups in the city on a daily basis.

So if you have an idea that is rooted in something you love, financially sound and creatively brilliant, then why not apply to be part of the Scape Startup Lab:The Entrepreneurs?

Application deadline is the 25th November at midnight, then on the 1st December, the finalists will pitch their business ideas to a panel of entrepreneurs and the winner of the first ever Startup Lab will be announced. 



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