Self Branding 101

Craig talks us through the importance of branding!

By Craig

So if you’re wanting to get into a freelance industry, one thing that you’ll quickly discover is that you’ll need to establish a brand identity. If you’re new to this idea, then a brand identity is basically how you as a brand are seen by others/potential customers. Branding can make or break a company, no matter the scale of what is being sold. As a creative freelancer branding is even more important than ever because you don’t have a history of clients or anything! But rest assured, this article will walk you through everything...

Distinguishing you and you as a brand
When making a brand for yourself, it’s easy to use your name in the title, for example “Craig Gambell Films”. Unless you have a memorable name, then your branding won’t be remembered. And if your name is extremely common, then it would be a bad choice to use it in the brand name because if people try to search for your brand on google, they would find all sorts of other content! When finding a name, try to pick something that will google well, for example an alternate spelling of a word. Perhaps try using alliteration, or just make up a word! Picking a name with good visual imagery is a good call also, because it will help you with...

... your logo!
Alright so coming up with a logo isn’t always hard, and you don’t have to be an illustrator to do it. If you want a fancy, professional logo, then I would recommend contacting illustrators, or even try to ask students that are on a graphic design course. Perhaps you have a friend who happens to owe you a favour, AND be a talented artist! If you are looking to be a freelance graphics designer yourself, then you’re set!

Regardless of whether you design your logo yourself or not, you’ll need to consider the particular colour palette, font, style and any imagery that is included. Do you want a vibrant, high contrast logo that will stand out? Or do you want something a bit more minimalistic with an element of elegance?

Getting your name out there
Next, you’ll want to take your name and logo and present it on a website! That’s right, you should definitely create a brand website, whether it’s a portfolio of your work or just a way of your audience interacting with you, it’s important that you get a website to along with everything. It brings credibility to your brand, and allows you to apply your chosen style/colour palette etc to something else. If you’re not a web designer then don’t worry, it’s super easy to make a website now with packages like Wordpress and Squarespace, you can create something stunning with no web design knowledge!

At this point you’re essentially set. You just need to work out how to populate your website with your brand! Work out what your mission statement is; summarise what service you provide; post some of your work online! The next step would be to create some business cards that incorporate your already-established theme. You can now include all of your information on your business card, including your website! I’d also suggest creating a Facebook page for your brand also and encourage anyone you know to like it. This more likes you have, the more established you’ll seem to potential customers.

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Best of luck and If you have any questions, or if you want to discuss your brand, feel free to get in touch via social media;      



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