Perri & Jordan: "We're hosting the Nickelodeon Kids Awards for the 3rd year!" 
We caught up with the Diversity boys: Perri & Jordan as they begin their journey to the Nickelodeon Kids Awards 2016! 
By Katie

The annual Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards are right around the corner and we sat down with Diversity's Perri and Jordan, who are hosting the UK's coverage of the KCA's Orange carpet!

Hey guys! So the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards are coming up. What can we expect from the show? 
Jordan: It's our third year hosting the KCA's so it is going to be bigger and better than ever! Speaking to the people that are connected to the event and that love the KCA's are all really excited and feel that this year is going to be the biggest one yet... in all aspects! We are very excited about getting out onto the orange carpet! 

So, as you said, this is your third time hosting. You've absolutely smashed it in previous years! Has there been anyone that you have met over the years that you have been truly star stuck by? Because you have met some famous names!
Jordan: Selena Gomez! I was star stuck. I just crumbled! I didn't say anything to her... I crumbled! I crumbled so bad! (laughs) She didn't see me though. 
Perri: Probaby best! (laughs)
Jordan: Last year we met Kel from 'Kenan and Kel'. Such a classic TV show! I was pretty star stuck meeting him! We met the Hof as well! That was pretty cool! I'm a pretty tall guy so not many people make me feel small but he was MASSIVE. So tall! I felt pretty small standing next to him. I was just looking up at him the entire time! He is such a cool guy though. 

Who are you most excited about seeing on the famous orange carpet? 
Jordan:We never actually know who is coming around next. Which keeps us constantly on our toes. Seeing the list of nominees are just amazing! 
Perri: It is such a fun event. We have such a great time. 

How do you prep for such a big event? Do you have any rituals before you start? 
Jordan: We don't really have any rituals that we do. We just go onto the orange carpet with a fun and energetic attitude. We are there to have fun! 
Perri: We just be ourselves. We are meeting and have met some amazing people on the orange carpet. You never know who is coming around next It is all very exciting. 
Jordan: Yeah we just be ourselves. We just bring as much energy and fun as possible. 

KCA's are all about the slime! Over the years we've had the likes of Pharrell, Will Smith, Justin Bieber and even Snoop Dogg grace the famous slime - Who would you like to see get slimed this year? 
Jordan: We got all of the Diversity boys slimed, which was so SO great! But who would we like to see get slimed this year... hmmm. oh it's got to be Beyonce! 

How do you think Beyonce would take the slime? Do you think she can handle it?
Jordan: She would work it! She makes anything work doesn't she? 
Perri: I think we would slime Jay-Z as well. 
Jordan: Get the both of them in there. 

Have you guys been slimed? 
Jordan: Oh no this is kind of a sore subject! 
Perri: I have... I've been slimed! 
Jordan: I haven't been slimed no! As we said before, we got all of the Diversity boys slimed which was amazing but I'm the last one remaining. 

Well is this your year then Jordan? 
Jordan: I've said that this year isn't my year... I just really hope it isn't! 

Perri you ned to make this happen!
Perri: I know I really do! I will try my best! 

So we've got a quick fire round for you!
'Slime or 'No Slime'?

You can't slime Adele!
Jordan: No you definetly can't! She will probably write a sad song about it or something. No you can't! 

It could be good inspiration for her next album! 
Jordan: (laughs) Yes... It could be! That would be great! 

So you guys are living out your dreams and passions. What three pieces of advice would you give to students who are just starting to leave their mark on the world? 
Perri: Three words... Dream, believe and achieve. That's worked for us! We are doing what we love! We have both danced from a young age and have always dreamed on being on the stage. It's the motto we go by. Nothing is impossible.  

So guys before you go! What can we expect from you guys in 2016? 
Jordan: We have a LOT planned for 2016! It is going to be a very exciting year for us and Diversity! Diversity are back on tour this year and we are heading to China for massive tour, which is very exciting! We are launching a range of TV shows too in 2016, across different networks as well as the BBC and Diversity will be back together again at the end of the year as we begin practice for our 2017 live arena tour! It's such an amazing year for us! We have so many exciting projects planned! We can't wait for you all to see it! 

Guys, it has been a pleasure. Good luck with the Nickelodeon Kids Awards, we can't wait to see it and good luck with your other projects planned for 2016! 
Both: Thank you! 


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