Why I wanted a career in Motion Graphics

I was never really an academic. Numbers and essays was never for me! 
By Gina Bascombe

After a long and gruelling University schedule, summer is the time to explore, grow and relax. 

When I was younger and asked what I wanted to do 'when I grew up', I was never quite sure. I knew very early on that I was not academic. I found it hard to concentrate on facts and numbers. Generally, if something wasn't of interest to me I wouldn't remember it, or it somehow just wouldn't process in my brain no matter how hard I tried to listen.

Now looking back, I can see that a creative career path was always an obvious choice for me. I would say that the earliest memory I have of a specific interest in Graphic Design was designing the titles and layout of my powerpoint presentations. Rather than focusing on the facts I was supposed to be writing down, I would spend a large majority of my time changing the colours, font styles, sizing and arrangement of the slides. I remember being at home one day and wanting to change my desktop screensaver to a collage of my favourite things. I searched for examples online and it was about then that I found out about Graphic Design. I was in awe of the skill and creativity that had gone into the designs and wanted to be able to do it myself. I started off making collages on the very basic 'paint', before moving onto page documents and using a range of different programmes that were not meant to be used for Graphic Design. Finally, when I was about 14 I started using Photoshop, I spend hours YouTubing tutorials and soon became very familiar with it. Who knew that designs could look better using an actual editing programme? Alongside this I had a growing interest in film, I would use my phone camera and film whatever I could before editing the clips together into montages with my favourite songs. 


Still at school there was no sign of anything I found of particular interest until year 10, where I chose to take Media as one of my subjects for GCSE. Media stood out for me as I knew I had a keen interest in film, TV, music and design culture. For the first time I was taking a subject which I genuinely really enjoyed and seemed to be good at. I had a great teacher who recognised my interests and really encourages me to do my best. In my last year of school we had appointments with careers advisors where I found out about a college course specifically in Media. Despite having the option to study it at school, I knew that I would also have to take other subjects which I had no interest in. I also knew that exams were definitely not my strongest point, so I decided that the college course which was purely marked on coursework seemed a perfect fit for me. 

I got into the Media course at college and as soon as I started I immediatley knew that I had made the right choice, everything about it suited me. I made new friends who had similar interests to myself, and was in a much more inspirining and exciting environment right int he middle of town. In the first year I got to explore all different aspects of media; film, live TV, graphic design, radio, animation, photography, games design etc. We were lucky enough to have really enthusiastic tutors who genuinely cared about each and every students, and we always got feedback on how to improve our work, which I always found really useful. College also provided and informed me with a number of great opportunities such as BFI Film Academy, volunteering at a local web-based television station, filming a number of various events, writing and directing my own short film and being chose to be 'Head of Graphics' for a live music event which the whole course organised. All of these opportunities really helped me develop my skills and helped me to establish what areas within media I was most interested in. 


Unlike the first year, in our second year we had to choose three subjects to specialise in, and luckily we had a 'taster day' to find out more about what each subject would involve. Most of the subjects that were offered we had taken in the first year, but Motion Graphics was new. We were introduced to the 'motion graphics world' by our tutor, before watching a video called 'What is Motion Graphics'... shockingly! The video explained that despite it generally being unheard of, motion graphic design is everywhere; title sequences to TV and Films, animated logos, adverts, websites, clubs and concerts, music videos, lyric videos etc, and I was immediately interested. I decided to specialise in TV and film, Graphic Design and Motion Graphics. Not long into my second year I found out that Motion Graphics was my favourite of the bunch. I loved it because it combined both my passion for Graphic Design and moving image together, and I was amazed at the amount that could be achieved in one programmed (Adobe After Effects). 

I soon started looking into Motion Graphics as a possible career path and despite previouslybeing adamant that I would never to go university, I started looking into courses. Luckily at the time were were doing a unit about different possibilities after college, where I was told by my tutor about Ravensbourne. I started looking into their range of graphics based courses and subsequently looked further into their Motion Graphics course, which immediately stood out about the others I had looked into, as well as it being in my ideal location of London. I attended a couple of open days and saw the building, it's environment and heard about the number of contacts and opportunities they had which soon made up my mind that Ravensbourne was the right place for me. After a nerve wracking interview I found that I had got an unconditional offer and was so excited knowing that I'd soon be moving to London and starting my first step towards becoming a professional Motion Graphics designer. Before I knew it I was leaving college with an award of 'Best Motion Graphics Student' (which really boosted my confidence) and moved out. 

I am now in my second term at Ravensbourne and really enjoyed the course as I'm learning about the different aspects and elements of Motion Graphics; from drawing to graphic design and animation. I am excited for the future and although I'm interested an am open into going into a wide range of Motion Graphic areas, I would love to have the opportunity to design title sequences for Film and TV shows in the future. 

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