New Years Resolution

By George Ellsworth 

Like many people, I take the beginning of a New Year as a starting point to try something new. Whether you plan on exercising more regularly, eating differently, travelling or starting a new hobby here's some tips to help you with your New Year's resolution! 

Make it what YOU want!
The first step to setting yourself a goal is to make sure it's something you really want and are serious about achieving. Some resolutions, while ultimately good, can be very taxing when trying to keep them. If you don't feel passionate about your resolution, the chances are you aren't going to stick to it. Don't let others tell you what you should set as your goal, make sure you choose for yourself! 

Be Realistic

It's important that your goal is something that you can realistically achieve. A lot of people burn out quickly when they start their new workout routine or their new diet because they jumped into the deep end with out thinking. 'Going into space' is certainly ambitious but are you really going to manage it? Visiting another country is much more likely. Not to mention, if you succeed with your goal this year, you know how to accomplish it and your next resolution could be even bigger (and there is not much bigger than going to space!) 


Preparation, Preparation, Preparation
A wise man once said 'know your enemy', and in this case, your enemy is your resolution. Before you start, you should know how your going to tackle it, what effects it may have on your life and how you intend to deal with them. In the case of a new diet, you should refreah what food types you will need to substitute in order to maintain a balance nutritious diet. This will also help you to be realistic because it will help you understand your goal better. 

I would actually encourage you to make a start slightly before the new year arrives, just to help you ease into your resolution. It's ok, I won't tell anyone you're cheating! 

Track your progress
If at all possible, find a way to track your progress. I find that having numbers to show my progress is a great encouragement as I can clearly see my progression over time. This could be miles ran per day, calories consumed or money you have saved for your holiday. 

My own example is that my 2015 resolution was a video project consisting of one photo for every day of the year to create a video montage of my year! With 365 days in 2015, that's 365 photos I need, and seeing that number get closer as the year has passed, has been very satisfying! 

Buddy up with Friends! 
Ok not that 'Buddy' ^, but chances are that you know people who are going to try similar resolutions to you. If you band together, you can achieve your goals together. For example, if you plan to start an exercise routine, stick to it as a group so that you can support each other through it. 

It's OK to make mistakes! 
Every now and then, you may find that you slip up! You accidentally ate something against your diet... You missed your football club practice... You went over budget on your birthday party. It's okay to occasionally make mistakes like this. The important thing is not to beat yourself up about them and not make sure you don't lose track of your progress.
Maybe you want to buy clothes for you friend, but you don't know their size and you don't want to guess their size and get it wrong, leading to them hating you (believe me it happens!) So play it safe and get a gift card! Put some money on it and throw it in their Christmas card. It'll save the embarrassment of getting them the wrong sized clothes. If you want to get a gift voucher for something other than clothes, then check other stores out, including electronics stores, cinemas and even supermarkets (think practical!) 

Alright so this should at least give you an idea of what you could get, written by a student! I hope my friends read this article and get me something cool...haha!! Anyway let us know your gift ideas and have a great Christmas!! 

Have a New Years resolution you are trying to stick to? Let us know. 

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