My first few weeks at university.

By Cressida
My experience of my first few weeks of university is probably a lot more fortunate and different from most. Two months before I headed to London for university, my parents relocated back to the UK. This meant that I was able to explore London before having to move into Scape Greenwich. I got myself familiar with the transport system, the local area around North Greenwich and just got settled in London before I was left to cook, clean and just look after myself. 

I moved into Scape on Saturday 17th September, along with majority of the other residents at Scape Greenwich. I arrived at 14:30 with all of my belongings and got myself checked in and was given the key to my new studio that I would call for the next year. There was a free barbecue with burgers and beer for everyone that was arriving, so it was a great excuse to drop your belongings in your room and go down and meet your new neighbours. It was a chance to meet people that were also attending Ravensbourne, some
which were on my course but also meet people that was attending other universities - an opportunity which I otherwise wouldn't of had. 

One of the main events for Scape was the Welcome Party, which was held at XOYO in Shoreditch. Although the drinks were a little pricy, which is expected in London. The music was great as it was exclusive for Scape residents, it was a great chance to meet people in other Scape buildings. One of the best things at the party was that there was a photo booth with a range of props. It was located at the entrance and as you can imagine, the photos were getting more outrageous as the night went on. They take four photos, so you have to be quick when changing up the props, but they were all for free - thanks Scape! It is now a nice piece of memorabilia from the night.

One of the easiest things to do in Scape is hide in your room and not do any socialising as you have everything at your disposal within your room. But the best way to meet new people is if you go to the communal area on the first few nights and see where you go from there. Everyone is in the same situation, moving away from home, not knowing many people, living in a new city and having new experiences, so that alone is comforting and a lot easier to talk to new people. 

My first day at university mostly consisted of getting to know Ravensbourne and where everything was (CLR, library etc), as well as getting to know my fellow undergraduates. It's definitely worth the effort. 

I have settled into university life well, I have met a nice group of friends, my course is going well and I have started working in London doing something I love! Moving to London and university can be definitely be a daunting task, but it is definitely worth it. It is now a place I call home. 



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