Motivating Your Mind

The follow up of The Creative Problem

By George

To those who have read my previous blog on Solving Creativity, I hope that my advice has helped you start to be more free-thinking and creative. But there is one more thing I can tell you about creativity. 

If you have read my New Years Resolutions blog, you may remember my aim for 2015 was a video project to take one photo everyday for a year. I am pleased to say that I completed it and I am so happy with the end results. Take a look; 

Not only did I end up with a great visual summary of my year, it also kept one important thing active; my mind. 

Personally, nothing kills my creativity faster than being unmotivated and inactive. It can be quite draining when I feel I haven't achieved anything in that day and near impossible to come up with any new ideas. 

My selfie project was a source that allowed me to have a constant need to be creative. At least once every day, I would take out my camera and try to find the best way to capture the day's activities. You can certainly bet that when I was on holiday or out for the day that I was taking photos constantly! 

To repeat myself (and Mr Cleese) creativity is "a way of operating". Having an ongoing project meant that I was having to more regularly access that way of operating in order to best capture my day in a single photo. What I found is that, just like a muscle, it becomes stronger and easier with practice. 

So my advice to you is; take on a lengthy project. Keep it simple because an overcomplicated project can have the opposite effect of draining creativity if you're unable to progress with it. Keep it related to something you love to do and ensure that you have an end goal to aim for!      



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