Mistakes Job Seekers Make on Social Media

Social Media has become an incredibly important platform for job seekers today. It’s also true that there are many recruiters who spend time online looking for potential employees.

There are 5 common social media mistakes made by job seekers that can be avoided and boost your chances of securing a job.

Not having a professional presence online

This is one of the most common and probably the biggest mistakes that job seekers make, but the good news is that it can be easily rectified. You have to make sure you don’t have profiles that have less than professional pictures and musings that do nothing to show you off as the right candidate for a job. You need to have your professional history and achievements documented on LinkedIn as it will present you to prospective employers as a thought leader and an impressive contributor to your particular industry.

Keeping profile open to hackers

You will be surprised to find out that social media profiles get hacked practically every day, as soon as that happens  your profiles can become an open and active ground for spam messages that are sent to people on your professional networks. That’s why; it’s imperative that you have strong privacy and security settings on your social media profiles and keep tabs on any suspicious activities on them, when you’re not using the account sign out.

Eliminate inappropriate content

Your social media profile should give an impression about your personality, which helps employers decide if you are the right candidate for a specific job your LinkedIn profile is definitely helpful but if your Facebook and Twitter profiles have inappropriate content of posts and photographs etc. then they can do more harm than good. To avoid this mistake you should refrain from sharing such content on your profiles or keep your settings to private.

Being active on social media at work

Remember, companies are able to monitor your social media activities when at work. Hence if you are talking about your colleagues at work or are applying for other jobs, chances are that your employer will find out about it. Moreover if you are uploading pictures or posting updates and commenting during work hours, then it will be noticed by employers.

Avoid complaining about work

It’s astonishing that there are many professionals who use social media as a platform to voice their frustrations and complaints about work. Even if you aren’t talking about your potential future employers, it’s bound to make a horrible impression with them, which is why you need to avoid posting any such comments about your daily work routine. It can seriously harm your chances of getting hired in the future it can drastically reduce your chances of getting a job.

Bio: I am Ramya Raju, a resume writing and career expert who also specializes in creating, writing and developing content, career websites and content for newsletters.  I’m a sociable person, with a great love and interest for photography.

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