Make the most of your summer

So summer is here! Here is your guide to making the most of it
By Craig
    So I guess we can now officially say that summer is here! We’ve had small bursts of sun so far and i’ve even experienced sun burn for the first time this year, but the rain has tried to fight its way through the nice weather (I mean it is England after all). I’ve experienced rainy BBQ’s as well as some other rainy summer experiences so far, but with this handy invention called the weather forecast (it can be reliable I promise), you can make the most of the nice days to come!

    Despite being London based, I live near a heath, and i’m planning on having a BBQ with one of those little disposable one’s as soon as we get a sunny day. BBQ’s are a great way to celebrate the end of your academic year, and a good chance to get some great quality food also! Vegetarian or not, BBQ’s are great. If you have access to a garden or something, i’d definitely recommend making use of a BBQ.

    Alcohol is a great way to wash down all of that meat (or BBQ’d vegetables), and cider seems to be the go to alcohol for the hot weather. And with the heat comes more inviting places to enjoy a drink, like beer gardens and outdoor events at pubs and bars. Check out some of the rooftop pubs like Frank’s Cafe in Peckham.

    Even better, you don’t have to stick to this country to enjoy the summer! We all know that we’ll have a good summer, but if you want even more sun and heat then try another country. Italy and Spain are super cheap to fly to and they both get much better weather than we do. Plus, you get to enjoy the scenic mountainous views of places like the Italian alps, and enjoy waterfalls and streams to cool down in when the heat is too much.

    Last year I went to Slovenia, close to the Italian border, and I was able to have an amazing time with little money. But if you’re unable to travel for either monetary reasons or something else, then you can still get cheaper prices and scenic views outside of London. Check out Cornwall and enjoy the surfing beaches, or even venture off to the lake district, or perhaps spend some time in the peak district? The prices are considerably cheaper up north also.

    Maybe you’re travelling to your hometown for the summer, in which case you could arrange something with your old friends who are also around.

    You may also have a summer job/internship, and if not, perhaps it’d be a good idea to have a look and see what’s available. If you’ve just graduated then you are approaching the graduate internship intake period! Check out some internships at: Even if you’re not graduating, it might be a good time to earn some cash for your next year, or even save for a holiday at the end of the summer if you’ve not yet got the funds to do so!

    I think the thing to remember about summer is that for us Brits, it’s a pretty big deal as we very rarely get to experience the sun, so let’s make the most of it! Celebrate finishing your current academic year and go outside, it’ll be worth it I promise.


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