How to enjoy national tourism

So now that summer is out in full swing, you'll be wanting to take
advantage of the beautiful sunny weather.
By Craig
    So now that summer is out in full swing, you will be wanting to take full advantage of the sunny weather... after all we don't know how long it will last for. Okay so it's not all sun and games in England, but you don't need to travel abroad for nice weather and scenery... trust me. If you have not had the chance to book a holiday abroad, or you've just not had the time to research into other countries, then keep reading and see what you have been missing out on in the UK.   


    City Breaks     
    If you're wanting to keep local to London this summer and enjoy the cityscapes and nightlife that the capital has to offer, then you're already ahead of the game. If you already live in London for your degree then you don't need to pay for an AirBnb or a hotel, but you can simply just explore parts of the city you have not been to yet. Trust me there are more than you think! You can look at recommended walks online, or if you want to put a bit more effort and get more out of the walks by purchasing a book such as London's Hidden Walks. Grab a couple of mates and take this book out with you and explore some of London's history whilst also getting a cheeky pint or two along the way. I did this with my housemate and explored Spitalfields. The book gave historical context as well as the route in particular, but along the way we found some pretty awesome pubs (Check out the Water Poet if you're in the area... wink wink.) 

    Breaks from the city
    If you are a bit stressed and fed up of city life and you are wanting something a bit more scenic and peaceful. If that's the case, you could have a look for cottages for rental in Northern England or Devon etc, get a group of friends together and travel down/up there together. 

    Northern England has a lot to offer (other than just cheap alcohol), including the Peak District and the Lake District. A lot of areas in the north are accessible by train and you can get there straight from London. If you have a student railcard then your journey will be cheaper, giving you more to spend when you get there. A couple of years ago, I ended up hopping on some trains, resulting in me being in a lovely small village in the Peak District called Hathersage. It was super cheap and I only had to pay for food and accommodation, as all of the travel I did whilst I was there was by foot. I saw beautiful natural landscapes and enjoyed a variety of walking, hiking, climbing and lots of cheap food and beer. Hathersage is just one example; there are loads of places to choose from! 

    Day Trips 
    Maybe you want to enjoy some of the occasional hot weather we get here (recently we have had temperatures over 30 degrees!). If so, you might be more inclined to hop on a train and go to the beach. The nearest beaches to London are under two hours train journey away. I would recommend Broadstairs in Kent. The beach and surrounding area are lovely and there is even a surf school there if you fancy picking up a new hobby. For more beaches close to London, take a look at 'Sandy beaches' article from the Metro. 

    No matter what choice you make, you should definitely look into exploring some of the UK this summer, whilst there's still some sun left! You can keep it to day trips or even get a couple of mates together and stay somewhere for a few days. You may have a friend/relative living where you are looking to stay, so check all of that beforehand to try and keep down the costs of accommodation. 

    In two weeks I will be taking my own advice and travelling to Edinburgh for 1 night. I am quite a big fan of a Scottish comedy show called Burnistoun and there happens to be a tour in Scotland. So my housemate and I figured it'd be a good excuse to travel a little further than the local pub and see what the Scottish capital has to offer I'll give you all an update next month to talk more about my trip and give Edinburgh a bit of a review. But yeah, now that you've stopped reading, start doing your own research, start travelling and exploring the amazing locations right on your doorstep. 


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