Dealing with exams

It's a stressful time time of year, but here are some suggestions on how
to cope with exam stress.

By Sandip

It is that hard time of year again. Whether you are in your freshers year or your are in your final year, university exams is a daunting prospect. Very few people enjoy them and most students will feel at some stage bouts of anxiety, self-doubt and stress during these crucial few weeks. Here are some suggestions on how to cope with the stress and anxiety that inevitably comes with the beginning of the exam season. 

Past Exam Papers 

The best way to keep on top of the mountain of revision notes that you will accumulate is reviewing past exam papers and to make a revision plan. At university making a revision plan can provide you with a sense of salvation in stressful periods. I would recommend allocating days to certain modules depending on when the exam is. This way you remain on top of your revision and with the option of including contingency days, you know that even if the work load begins to pile up, you have time to rectify it. 

Methods of Study  

It's an obvious fact that every student is different; physically, mentally, intellectually and emotionally. Therefore when it comes to coping with anxiety and stress, every student has different ways of dealing with it. I personally like to take breaks by getting some fresh air and getting away from the library or place of study for a while. From my experience, I know some of my friends like to go to the library contemplation rooms rooms for some quiet time away to think. It doesn't always have to have a religious undertone, the contemplation rooms at your university are for every student regardless of their religious belie. What the contemplation room provides is a quiet space to think away from the library desk. 

The Examination Day  

In terms of the actual examination day the key is not to panic. You've been working towards this day for the past few weeks. This is the time to take a few deep breathes and put all that hard work onto paper. Arrive early for your exam; usually you should arrive fifteen minutes before, but make sure you're on campus earlier to help you acclimatise. When you open your exam paper, this is very important, read the question carefully, read one question at a time and answer the question before you and only that. Remember to keep a firm eye on the time. You might think three hours is along time, but it goes by very quickly!

After the Exam  

After the exam try not to worry or go over your answers again and again, this will only lead to more stress. Take a period of relaxation to unwind before you begin preparing for the next exam. Don't leave the exam hall and head straight to the library- you will need to take a break and refresh yourself. Of course, after your last exam, it's time to study!

Good Luck!  

If there's one thing you take away from this blog, it should be that your university lecturers who write your exam papers are not trying to catch you out. The most productive way to navigate through the exam season is to remove negative questions and thoughts out of your mind - these thoughts will make you feel more anxious, therefore making this exam period far more stressful than it needs to be. Remember every student is feeling what you are feeling. Focus on your strengths and successes from the past six months of university.

Though these few weeks are crucial, you worked through the last six months, so therefore you know that you have the ability to get through these few weeks. Don't compete with anybody else; do your best and focus on your own goals. 

From everyone at Scape Living, good luck!



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