'Curtain Up' Review

Review of 'Curtain Up' exhibition at V&A Museum

By Gina

Ever since I had heard about it I wanted to attend the ‘Curtain Up’ exhibition at the V&A Museum, and I recently had the chance to go. The exhibition is celebrating theatre in both London’s West-End and Broadway New York for the 40th anniversary of the famous Olivier Awards in April this year. Although I had heard good things about it from friends, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but I definitely wasn’t left disappointed.

One of the main attractions of the exhibition is the display of the amazing range of costumes, although you can admire them from a distance (depending where you’re sat) when watching a show, you just can’t quite appreciate the detail and time that must go into creating and designing each and every costume. The costumes ranged from those in warhorse (including a model of the horse itself), to costumes from ‘The Lion King’, and a sequined dress worn by Ginger Rogers in ‘Lady in the Dark’ which is considered the most expensive costume in Hollywood history!

If like me you are interested in set design, there are miniature models of various set designs to see, including the stage design from ‘Matilda the Musical’. My personal favourite parts of the exhibition included a room dedicated to the show ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’ - as I was able to experience what it must be like for the actors on stage.

I particularly liked that the room included projection mapping across the floor which is used in the show, which as a Motion Graphics student I found really interesting. I also loved the range of poster designs they had on the walls which included those from both older and more modern shows and concerts. Speaking of concerts - they even had a display of Kylie Minogue’s dressing room! 

With the amazing costumes, backstage calls being played, pieces of set design on show and much more - the whole exhibition really immerses you into the world of theatre. If you’re a theatre fan then you definitely won’t want to give this a miss, especially because its free! So make sure you catch it before the 31st August.

More information: Curtain Up at the V&A Museum


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