Craig: My Introduction to University

So now that we're in September, many of you will be starting your courses within the next couple of weeks and getting excited for everything that is yet to come! From moving to student halls to meeting people on your course there is a lot to look forward to. But on the flip side, some of you will be pretty nervous for those very same things. This article details some of my initial experiences, in the hope that it'll make you less nervous and more excited. 

Moving Home. 

Moving out day was stressful to say the least. I didn't know if any of my belongings would fit in the car, I didn't want to be later than the other students moving in and miss out on the meet and greet and I certainly didn't want there to be an accident in the Blackwall Tunnell. Thankfully only the latter of the three happened, but I still got there on time. I moved into Scape Greenwich, just 10 minutes away from my university (Ravensbourne). I knew that many other Ravensbourne students were moving here, so I was able to meet many of the other students a couple of weeks before my course started.  

The First Night. 

After unpacking, I waved goodbye to my loved ones and went back inside, where a few of the new residents were organising a meet up. I joined the already existing group and introduced myself to pretty much everyone... including a students' family member... embarrassing! We continued to go to Pizza Express just at the O2 Arena (one of the great things about living so close to the O2 is definitely the vast range of restaurants it offers!) and we chilled there for an hour or two, eating pizza and exchanging names, the courses we were enrolling onto and our current experiences within the film industry (I study Digital Film Production, so it was all completely relevant.)

The Next Day.

After coming home the night before, I decided that I really needed to unpack some of my belonging... or at least my bed! It was the next evening that I went to a welcome party in the communal area downstairs. I didn't know anyone. Scape has around 280 rooms, and I only recognised a handful of people from the night before, but through playing Fifa, table tennis and drinking games, I talked to pretty much everybody there! After mixing with many of the students, I called it a night at around 4am and woke up the next morning realising that i'd spent too much money on alcohol and that I has no food in... I'm told that it is fairly normal during the first few weeks (especially freshers week) so my advice at this point is to have fun but count your cash!  

Starting University. 

By this point I'd already met a few people going to my university in the weeks leading up to my first day. In the morning of the first session, a group of us met up to walk together downstairs, where I met even more new people. After making it through about half the journey, I realised that I had forgotten my Ravensbourne Student ID! But thankfully it was around a 5 minute journey back to Scape, so I managed to run back to collect it and rejoin my newly made friends before the lesson had started. 

The First Week. 

During the first week, you'll likely encounter the Freshers Fair, which is where the stalls of all the student societies gather to recruit new members. This is a great way to even further meet more students and also to kill some free time productively. Freshers week was also running during the first week, so everyone was turning up to lectures pretty lethargically. 

The first of university isn't that intense in terms of the workload (possibly due to the fact that freshers week coincides) but it will start to get busier and more intense throughout the year. But by the time you've reached the end of the first term, you'll have made new friends, started new hobbies and be doing the course that you love. 

Best of luck with your first few weeks... I hope they're eventful! 


How did you settle into your new home? Why not get in touch via social media with a story of your first week at Scape? 


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