Chat with 'Pure Youth'
We caught up with band Pure Youth and chatted Green Day, BBC & their debut EP.
By Katie

We caught up with the guys from 'Pure Youth' a London based indie band, who are starting to leave their mark in the music industry. With their debut EP 'On Our Own' just being released, you can expect to see a lot more of Pure Youth in 2016.

Well lets start with the boring stuff. How did you guys meet? 
We all knew at least one other member before we formed- Me and Ollie used to play in a band together, Ollie and Dave are old friends and Ollie and Elliot go to university together. Ollie and Dave started the project at home, wrote the first EP and then brought Elliot and Duncan in to put that on stage- we now write, record and produce all together and we love it!

For those out these who don't yet know of 'Pure Youth', how would you describe your 'sound'?
That's a tough one. We've had comparisons with the 'Naked and Famous' all the way to 'The Maccabees'. We think it's electronically tinged indie rock. It's a mix of all of our influences which I think makes it hard to define. Everyone can get something different from it.

2015 was a big year for you guys. You released your debut EP 'On Our Way', you supported the likes of 'Lisbon' and 'Youth Club', released the amazing 'I'm Not Yours' and was featured on Dermot O'Learys BBC 2 show. But for you, what stands out as your 2015 highlight? 
Duncan: For me, the tour was a big highlight. For most of us, it was the first proper taste we had of touring and we'd love to do it again. Getting into the studio together was so fun too and I think it will be a highlight of every year. Radio play was pretty amazing but I think I speak for all of us when I say the best feeling is showing what we've worked so hard on to an audience up on stage. 

Your music video for your new single 'New November', which is on your EP 'On Our Way' has been released. What was your inspiration for the video? 
We wanted to emit the general feel of the song through it. There's quite a dark and mysterious overtone to the whole song, hence the black and white. The song had a few hidden meanings but we felt the idea of this chase between two lovers was a big one to go with. Their hearts are in the same place but that's not enough for either of them... god i'm so poncy! 

So let's take it back... What was your first gig that you attended as a fan? Do you think that experience had any influence on the band you are today? 

Duncan: My first proper gig was Green Day at the o2, with my mum! (laughs) Ollie and I are HUGE fans from day 1 and although that might not shine through in our music, they've been a big influence on us and I have massive respect for them! I think since then I've seen a huge range of stuff at festivals and live and they've all definetly influenced our live performances. Bands like Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age and The 1975 all hit home on stage, you know? 

What are your musical influences? 
There's a wide range. Dave started off as a proper mod and loves his indie rock. Elliott is always finding new bands like Spring King and Blossoms, who we love watching develop. Ollie's a big fan of slightly left field stuff and bands like the 'Naked and Famous' definetly can be channeled through some of our stuff. (Duncan) is just a hopeless romantic and listens to sad songs but occasionally he'll have a big Tame Impala listening session or some trip hop stuff. So basically everything? (laughs) 

How do you feel the band has evolved since taking those first steps on stage?  
Our first gig was at The Enterprise in Camden and we loved it. Back then it was a little bit more raw and stripped back. We've brought in more technology at each gig as we want to bring the life of the studio recordings to the stage. I think as we've become really close friends, we're more open to sharing musical ideas with each other and the writing process has become a lot more tight-knit, which we think is a really good thing. Each gig we try to bring something new and keep it entertaining for everyone involved!

What was the process like creating your debut EP 'On Our Way'? 
As we mentioned before, it was actually mainly mine (Ollie)  and Dave's brainchild. Elliott had a big role in engineering the recording sessions, but Duncan joined a little after it was finished. It's kind of weird but we think it was a really cool way of doing things as we understood the direction we wanted to develop in from day one. It was an amazing process and has kept us inspired ever since. 

So you have upcoming shows in both London and Brighton planned for the beginning of this year, being native London-ers, how do you find the crowds out of London compared to those who attend your gigs in London? Is there a difference? 
That's a tough question! Sometimes in London there is no crowd! It's a shame, but to look at it the other way, the London music scene is so huge, it's great! The crowds can be quite tough so can be really encouraging to hear kind words after a show. Playing out of London was fresh and exciting and a nice change of scene- not that we don't love London. I guess we are all super happy as long as the crowd are enjoying it and I think that applies to wherever we would play. We're fairly new to playing outside London and were all super excited to play further out of our comfort zone and grow. 

What can we expect from Pure Youth in 2016?  
Music, music, music and hopefully some more music! We've been really busy writing and recording recently and cannot wait to show it to you guys. We're in the process of booking up more shows too and just hopefully keep doing what we're doing- developing our sound and growing as a band. All releases and shows can be found at our website on so check it out there or on our Facebook/Twitter accounts. Did I mention more music?!  


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