University profile - The University of Surrey

Scape Student Living is expanding its student accommodation to the vibrant, traditional and historic county town Guildford, Surrey. This is part 1 of a 2-part blog about The University of Surrey and the local area.

The University of Surrey was established in 1891 as the Battersea Polytechnic Institute, gaining University Status by Royal Charter in 1966. Since then it has grown and developed as one of the top British universities, and continues to impress with its teaching, research and student experience.

Study options

The University of Surrey offers a rich and broad variety of courses to study at both undergraduate and post-graduate level, which has been designed to reflect student’s, societal and industry needs. With courses ranging from science, humanities, performing arts, social sciences, media studies, law, and engineering, you’re guaranteed to find the most relevant and appealing course for you. For more information check out the course list by clicking here.

The campus

The universities main campus is located in Stag Hill which is close to the centre of Guildford; there is also a second campus, located a short walk away from Manor Park which has been developed to expand on the facilities offered to its students. This is a self-contained campus, with a tight-knit student community including social, leisure, and eating areas- this campus offers everything a student needs!

There are 2 features which really stand out for me, firstly the campus has a multi-faith centre, this was Britain’s first religious building to contain a Synagogue, Muslim prayer hall, Gurdwara, and Chapel built separately, but under the same roof. The second feature will interest the sports enthusiasts; in 2010 the university opened the Surrey sports park, situated on the campuses Manor Park site, housing a 50-metre Olympic swimming pool, indoor courts, outdoor pitches, a climbing centre, and a 1,000 seat arena for the basketball team!

Social life

For most university students, the university’s social life is key, not to mention one of the most important features when deciding on where to study. The University of Surrey does not disappoint in the slightest when it comes to its impressive, entertaining and culturally diverse social life. There’s something here for every type of student. If you’re green fingered, then the Surrey Garden Society might interest you; in recent years this society has become the most popular student society at the university with its numerous garden projects across the 2 campuses. For the party-goers, comedy-enthusiasts, quiz-lovers, or music-ravers, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained at the campus run SU bar/ nightclub- there are 5 spread across the 2 campuses so you won’t be left bored or disappointed.


If the social life is the most important feature when deciding on a university, funding is also up there. The University of Surrey undergraduate tuition fees for Home/ EU student is £9,000, but the burden of this payment is aided by government loans and grants. Additionally, the university has a bursary scheme which is means-tested and dependent on your household income, but could see you awarded with as much as £1,800. There are also numerous scholarship awards, including the Chancellor’s which is a £2,000 cash award and is based on your grades achieved during A Levels, the NHS bursary of £1,000, sports scholarships worth £3,000. For a breakdown of the financial information click here.

However post-graduate course fees vary by course as does financial support- for more information click here. Finally, for international students the fees and financial aid also varies by course follow the link for more information click here.

If you are considering moving into Scape Surrey when it officially opens in 2015 make sure you check out the university website here for more detailed information.

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