University Profile: London School of Economics

World-renowned for its courses on Economics, LSE is one of the best universities, ranking 3rd in the 2014 university leadership board. Celebrating its 3rd year in a row as the top London university, it is competing with the likes of Oxford and Cambridge. It even knocked Oxford off the number 2 spot in 2013!

The university was set up in 1865 to offer an alternative education system to the social sciences and it has offered the same subjects ever since. Ranging from Law and Economics to Politics and Sociology the University prides itself on being able to offer students more than the stereotypical university education. LSE is best known for Economics and Political Science; it’s no surprise that it ranks in the top 2 for these subjects in the subject leadership board and has done for decades.

Some people expect there to be not much of a social life at LSE due to the serious nature of its courses, however students find it the complete opposite. The whole of London is on students’ doorsteps, and the size of the Student Union is impressive. It hosts over 190 different societies and over 40 different sports clubs. Students can get involved with football, rugby and cricket teams, if sport is not your thing you can mix with like-minded people at societies for movie maniacs, political parties or even food fanatics.

In terms of accommodation, there are a lot of halls options available for first years. With over 4,000 rooms across 17 parts of London, and contracts of varying lengths, you have lots of choice in where to live and how long for. The halls offer catering and non-catering options, so those who don’t want to cook can have guaranteed hot meals, whilst those who can or want to learn can easily do so.

I looked around on websites such as the to see what current students think of the university and why they chose to go to LSE. The overriding factor for most students was the employability aspect when they left. With over 94.6% of students going on to work in graduate-level employment, it’s not hard to see why this is an important reason for choosing LSE. The university also hosts some of the best lecturers in the economic and social science fields. This not only helps students obtain a good education but also in building up a good connection base, especially with the guest lecturers who are invited to speak at the university.

With 16 former staff and alumni winning the Noble Prize, 34 world leaders and one of the largest economic research centres LSE is definitely a university to consider.

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