The University Personality Guide

Take a look at these five common university character types. Recognise any of your friends?

Personalities are wonderful things. Everyone you meet while studying in London will be slightly different from one another, with all the wonderful quirks of individuality that help to make them unique. Or will they? In Scape’s not insignificant experience, we’ve found that the majority of university students fall into one of these five particular categories. Almost every group of friends has one of each, so which are you?

The liability

Everyone knows somebody whose entire time at university is spent getting in and out of scrapes. They’re usually the first to the bar and never far away from an A&E department – hanging out with a liability is a risky business, but let’s be honest, they do help to create some of the best stories! We heard a tale of one young man who was trapped on a roof on the third day of Fresher’s week, and that was just the start of his exploits...

The rich kid

Every group of friends has someone who never once works a part-time job but somehow always has enough money to go out to the bar or order takeaway. The mysteries of the rich kid’s finances will never truly be solved – do they have wealthy parents? Have they won some sort of prize? Do they have a secret, shameful job that no-one knows about? It’s a frustrating guessing-game...

The model student

Model students are the opposites of liabilities. You’ll never see them at the pub and they’d be more likely to miss their own funeral than turn up late to a lecture! They’re guaranteed to graduate with a 1st, and thanks to their strong work ethics and impressive good habits, they’ll often leave with more money than they started, too!

The popular one

Sometimes, it can seem like everyone at university knows everyone else’s business, even somewhere as large as London! There’s always that one person, however, who knows literally everyone on campus and in your accommodation, and just seems to have a knack of making friends. This is the sort of person who could walk into the dodgiest bar in Britain and walk out with seven new Facebook friends!

The repentant

You’ll be amazed at how many former party animals will suddenly have a dramatic change of heart when third year rolls around. Your final year of university is when things really start to matter, and all the previously party-focussed names in your phonebook will spend most evenings frantically studying rather than practicing their questionable chat-up lines at your favourite night spot. Take my word for it – if you don’t fit into any of these categories now, you’ll be a fully-fledged ‘repentant’ by the time you reach your final year!

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