University of the Arts London profile

Situated in the heart of the city, University of the Arts London is one of Europe’s largest art and design institutions. If you’ve got a creative personality, or want to pursue a career in the arts and design industry then UAL is the perfect university for you. They offer courses in fashion design, journalism, art, advertising, the full list can be found here.  Like all the university profiles written by fellow Scape bloggers, this post is about why you should consider studying at UAL.

UAL has a creative community like no other

UAL is formed of six different colleges that came together to form the institution. Spread across the heart of London this is a creative community like no other. Each college has its own speciality, for instance Camberwell College of Arts is a leading art and design school. London College of Fashion not only teaches fashion, it also offers business courses. Together the six colleges provide a wide breadth of courses, and I’m sure there’s one to suit you. 

An artistic Students’ Union

The SU at UAL is very active, and offers many artistic societies to join and events to attend. The Union also runs traditional societies such as those for sport, religion, philosophy, and debating societies to name but a few. (Check the full list here). The UAL SU provides a unique experience, often catering to students’ artistic interests, but also providing numerous activities allow an escape from the artistic world every now and again.

The alumni list is pretty epic

If I asked what fashion designer Stella McCartney, painter Lucian Freud, Turner-Prize winning sculptor Anish Kapoor, and Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth all had in common, would you be surprised to know that each one of them was a UAL student? If the potential of an education at UAL isn’t tempting enough already, maybe once you learn that former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan was a former UAL student you might be sold. This epic alumni list shows that UAL has been producing stellar talent for decades, it might not influence your decision, but it’s something to bear in mind. 

Amazing facilities 

Whether you choose to pursue a course in photography, drama, journalism, fashion or textile work, UAL has world-renowned facilities to cater for all of your study needs. As mentioned earlier, UAL is split over six different colleges, and their students have access (depending on their course) to all of these facilities. These include professional workshop stations for photography, textile and 3D work in the Chelsea College of the Arts. For costume, metal, wood and print work there’s the innovative Wimbledon College. Each college is run by tutors who are experts in their respective fields, and their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm will help you make the most of the amazing UAL facilities. 

UAL is an innovative place to study with a great range of courses and colleges across London.

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