Top 10 things to do in Greenwich - Part 2

Following on from Paula's first post, below are 5 more essential trips that you need to make in Greenwich.

Cutty Sark

Right on the river, the Cutty Sark Pub has been around for a long long time. With a friendly and rustic feel, the pub has a lot of character and Things to do Greenwich Scape Living London student accommodation cutty sark culture pt2there is a great selection of beers and food. When the weather is great you can sit outside and take in the awe-inspiring views of the River Thames. Just how long has the Cutty Sark been around for? The actual tavern was built over 200 years so you will be immersed in a piece of history.

Greenwich Theatre

Greenwich Theatre offers an alternative way to spend your evening. It is relaxed, intimate and features a wide array of shows throughout the year. Originally a music hall, live performances have been taking place at the site for the past 150 years. Today, the theatre has an ethos of supporting grass roots theatre where ‘exceptional graduate performers’, young companies and Emerging Artists festival all feature. Martin Luther King, written by Ewan Hooper, the Vortex featuring Vivien Merchant and Timothy Dalton, Chekhov's Three Sisters and John Mortimer's A Voyage Round My Father have all featured at the theatre.

Fashion in Greenwich

Shopping in Greenwich can only turn out to be fun. As you stroll through the town there is a wide realm of boutiques and stores. Here is a selection of some of the shops you can find. Bullfrog’s Shoes offers a varied selection of shoes. ‘Meet Bernard’ offer highbrow fashion for the modern man/woman. A Greenwich favourite, Joy has the latest highstreet fashions for women and men.

Cafe Rouge

Having a coffee and breakfast at Café Rouge on a quiet morning is a real treat. The inexpensive French themed restaurant has a delectable variety of fresh patisseries such as pain au chocolat, pain au raisin, or croissants which comes with a petit pot of jam for £2.50. If you prefer a cooked breakfast, ‘Oeufs Bénédicte’, ‘Omelette’ and ‘Le Petit Déjeuner Végétarien’ are all on the menu. Café Rouge of course, is part of a mainstream chain and can get mighty busy but if you get the chance to go on a quiet morning or evening its well worth the journey.

Oliver's Music Jazz Bar

Music makes the world go round and in Greenwich there exists one of the most famous venues: the o2, which of course showcase some of the most popular acts in the world. However there is another side to Greenwich. Oliver’s Music Jazz Bar. If you enjoy live music then Oliver’s Music Jazz Bar is a must! A complete hidden gem, Oliver's showcases live jazz ‘of the highest calibre’ featuring internationally acclaimed musicians from the UK, America and beyond. It has a cosy ambiance where you can really enjoy good music and unwind.

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