5 Tips for Graduates

Congratulations to all recent graduates of your respective courses. For many, this is the last level of education you wish to achieve before moving into the working world.

Here are five useful tips that should help you post-graduation.

Keep in touch

You've probably met many people during your time at university who could prove to be a valuable connection for you in the future. Be it collaborating with former classmates, gaining contact information through a tutor, or simply getting advice from an old friend, your old contacts could mean all the difference for you when you begin work. Ensure that you keep in touch with people as you never know when they may be able to help you, or vice versa.

Also, take advantage of your university's alumni network. Almost every institution has one, and they are very useful for helping you keep in touch with others from your university.

Don't be discouraged

In your search for a job or work, you'll undoubtedly be turned down at times; it may seem discouraging sending off many emails and posting CVs, only to have little or no reply. Try not to be disheartened because everyone has to start somewhere. Alternatively, you may get a part-time job to help support yourself but don’t feel down because it's not in your chosen career path. Again, don't let this discourage you. Not only are you taking responsible steps in looking after yourself but you are better preparing yourself for getting your ideal job.

Consider internships

Even while job hunting or perhaps instead of immediately looking for a paid job, you should consider applying for internships and work experience placements. Even with your degree, it's important to remember that you can't just start at the top. You must work your way up and an internship may be the best way for you to achieve that. Not only will this gain you practical experience but it can lead to paid employment.

Be productive

At this stage in life, there is nothing worse than doing nothing. If you allow yourself to avoid working of any kind, you can lose motivation to do anything. Whether it's working, finding a job, or working on personal projects, it's important to keep a strong work ethic. Ensure that you are also active in your spare time. Be it socialising with friends, exercising or reading a book, make sure you are being productive and active in some way.

Enjoy yourself

Most importantly is to enjoy your new found freedom. The world is your oyster and now may be the perfect time to find yourself or simply have a fantastic time. Many postgraduates find this time ideal for travelling to various countries in the world. Consider your options and make the most of it!


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