Scape East welcome party

Tips for Fresher's

A-Level results are out of the way – phew! It's likely that your next step is heading towards university, so here are some handy tips below:


For those who didn't get into your choice of university or have changed your mind as to which university to attend, there is always clearing. This is the process in which you can apply to any university with places still available. You will have to use the UCAS website to access and proceed through clearing, you can find more information about the UCAS Clearing service here.

Confirming your choice

For those who have received the grades you wanted, you will likely have been accepted by your first choice of university. Even with this being the case, make sure you check one final time that the course is right for you before accepting your place. You may find that one of your other choices now appeals to you more than before.


If you have a university confirmed, your next step is finding somewhere to stay. As a fresher, it is advisable for your first year to find somewhere close to your university to stay. Most universities can offer places at their student halls and others will be able to provide information about nearby accommodation. Scape has a number of locations across London and Surrey that are offered to students at good prices, especially considering that all bills are included, such as electricity, heating and high spend Wi-Fi and much more. Additionally, Scape Shoreditch is offering a 5% discount on all rooms for those who use the promo code GAR.

Settling into university life

As a fresher, it is important to make the most of your university experience from the beginning, almost all universities hold fresher’s events like parties and gatherings. These are ideal opportunities to meet fellow fresher’s and make friends and connections before your course even begins. They will also give you the chance to explore the area you’re staying in as events will likely happen both on and off campus. Scape also has great welcome parties across all of their locations, subscribe to their events on Facebook for more info.

Student Living

For many of you, starting life at university may be the first time you have spent a long time living independently. Without the support of family and friends, it can seem challenging at first to settle into a living routine. Cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, and working are all tasks you may be unfamiliar with, I’m sure that wherever you choose to stay there will be help on hand. These are your first steps towards the next chapter of your life, have fun, make the most of this amazing experience ahead and try to embrace the change with an optimistic attitude.

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