How to: Save time on tidying!

You don’t have to live in squalor! Five simple ways to keep your student apartment clean and tidy

Lecture, study, party, sleep, repeat; students don’t tend to have much time for anything else, so keeping their student accommodation clean and tidy can often fall by the wayside. Student bedrooms and kitchens can be ghastly sights to behold, but we don’t think such stereotypical behaviour is necessary. Here’s how, with our help, you can keep your living space looking brand new with very little effort at all...

Make preparations on moving day

Moving into a new place can be difficult and stressful, but if you put in a bit of graft on moving day, you can set yourself up for the year ahead. Make sure that all of your belongings are put away in sensible, easily-accessed places so that they don’t clutter the rest of your room unnecessarily. If your parents are with you on moving day, too, be sure to enlist their help! Get them to take you to the supermarket and buy you any cleaning products you’re short on so that you’re well prepared when the time comes to do a clean, or visit myScape for a list of cleaning product prices.

Travel light

You’re young and carefree, so you won’t need anywhere near as many little items and trinkets as you may originally think. Students move around a lot and don’t tend to spend too much time in one place. Any unnecessary items will just cause clutter, become a real nuisance when you eventually move out and they’ll accumulate dust, too.

Wash while you cook

Too many students cook themselves a meal and then leave their pans and crockery until sauce and food waste has dried solid. We don’t want to sound like your parents, but it’s not hygienic and, quite honestly, it takes far longer to clean the dishes once the dirt has had time to solidify. You’ll be waiting around a lot while you’re cooking anyway, so why not take that opportunity to wash the pans you’re no longer using? That way, once you’ve finished eating and you’re all tired and bloated, you won’t have a huge pile of dishes to contend with. If you live at Scape East, you can always eat at one of our excellent restaurants and we’ll worry about clearing up for you!

Eat with friends

Some people are great at cooking but aren’t very clean. Others are terrible cooks but like things to be as neat as possible. By cooking with friends, you can divide the workload between you. Remember, guests always wash the dishes! Not only will you share the workload, but you’ll also save money, solidify friendships and have fun while you’re at it.

Get a big wash basket

Wash days can be few and far between for students, so it’s not uncommon for their rooms to end up strewn with dirty laundry and unwashed sheets. You may not always have time to take your washing down to our on-site laundrette, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend your year negotiating teetering piles of laundry whenever you set foot in your bedroom. Get yourself as big a wash basket as possible so all of your washing has somewhere to go until it’s clean; then, when it’s full, you’ll know it’s definitely laundry day! Fortunately, our building manager service is also on hand for when you don’t have the time to manage your laundry yourself; by choosing to live at Scape Student Accommodation, you benefit from more than just our great location!

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