Tips for the Real World: What your Parents Haven't Told You

Your parents have probably given you all sorts of advice about your time as a student, and you should take all the advice you can get; after all they've probably already had their share of good and bad experiences at Uni or just growing up, they may have even already lived in student accommodation before, so they're still a great source of advice. However, times have changed since your parents were students, and their circumstances may have been different too. Plus there are bound to be things that they’ve forgotten. Here, then, is some advice about the real world that should help you along your way while you study in London...

Eating versus partying: food always wins

There will inevitably come a time when you’re down to the last ten pounds in your bank account with awhile to go before your next student loan comes in. Without fail, this is the time when a friend will invite you to the pub, a night out or a party. You’ll be tempted to just spend the last of your money on a good night out... but we strongly recommend that you don’t do it! While you might think that you’ll have more fun on the one night out than what it's worth over the next few weeks, it simply isn’t the case. Hungry people are miserable and emotional; chances are you’ll ruin the party for everyone. Buy the food instead and try to do something free like a house party or just a move in with some friends. You’ll have more fun well-fed and there may even be a good friend who who will offer to buy you a drink or take you out on a night out on their treat.

Post-lecture naps are where it’s at

During your first year in particular, your social life can be relatively hectic. All nighters will take their toll, especially when you have early morning lectures to attend the next day. Don’t let tiredness ruin your studies; attend those lectures anyway, keep yourself alert with tea or coffee and some nuts or dried fruit for energy. Then after lecture, you can crawl back to bed to catch up on the missed sleep. This post-lecture sleeping schedule will allow all that shiny new knowledge time to sink in, and in a couple of hours you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to hit the books hard. Of course, you could always go to bed at a reasonable time in the first place, but then that’s the sort of thing your parents would say...

Trying to keep it clean

Doing the dishes is a consistent challenge among students, and it’s not uncommon to see piles of dirty crockery accumulate in the most unusual and unpleasant of places. Try to minimise the number of dishes you use to prepare your meal (limit it to one utensil, one knife, one chopping board, one pan, etc.) Some students even resort to eating pasta and soups straight out of the pan to avoid washing so many dishes. If you at least rinse your plates afterward, or leave the washing to soak, they'll be easier and faster to clean whenever you're ready. You can also use disposable plates to eliminate washing up, but try to use recycled products and don't forget to recycle them once they're finished. 

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