Student safety tips you need to know

Moving away from home is one of the most exciting times of your life. There will be loads of new opportunities, from choosing where to live to big nights out with your new friends. If you aren’t from London, moving to the capital can be a bit of culture shock, albeit, a rewarding one. You will be close to some of the country’s most amazing attractions, museums, and nightclubs. However, being away from home and your parents for the first time is a learning curve. You are now responsible for your own schedule, health, and safety – with no parents or teachers to remind you! You will have to take on these responsibilities, and other practical day-to-day tasks. The team at Transport Innovation have come up with the following tips to help you have a fun, rewarding, and safe time at uni.

Secure your property

Remember to close all your windows, this sounds obvious, but you would be surprised at how many petty thefts happen if a window is left open. At Scape all entrances and internal pathways and corridors are protected by secure key fob access; you only need to make sure that no one follows you inside the accommodation (tailgates). If you are living in shared accommodation, make it a house rule that communal rooms are made secure by the last person to leave. If you have expensive items, such as laptops, TVs, or even phones, keep them away from windows. You should mark your property with a code or a UV pen in order to deter thieves. Prevention is key – read what this police officer has to say here! This interactive infographic also has some top tips for if you ever move into your own flat.


When you arrive at university for your first term, you will be asked to fill out a lot of forms, for enrolment, registering with the campus doctor etc. Make sure you safely store all these documents in a file, you never know when you will have to refer back to them.

Keep in touch

If you are going out on your own, let a friend or even a parent know where you will be. Ask your friends to do the same when they go out. You don’t want to worry everyone by disappearing for 24 hours, only for your mates to find out you were on a field trip!

Night out

The biggest mistake on a night out is over-indulging on the drinks! Remember to eat a decent meal before hitting the booze, and try to alternate soft and alcoholic drinks. Your liver and waistline will thank you for it! Book a taxi in advance so you get home safely (you can use UGO Cabfinder), and never get in to an unlicensed vehicle. Legal vehicles include black cabs, cars you have booked through a taxi office, and cars booked through official taxi apps.

Taking care of yourself

When you first live by yourself, it’s easy to slip into bad habits and not keep things clean. Take responsibility for your own mess, especially in communal areas. No one likes cleaning up someone else’s pans, or sitting next to a lab partner who always wears smelly clothes. Caring for yourself and your own space is known to have a positive effect on your physical and mental health. A well-organised room, and a routine will make it easier to get ready for lectures in the morning too!

This article was kindly provided by Louise Cross, Business Development Manager at Transport Innovation

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