Searching for a Part-Time Job While Studying

Searching for a part-time job can be a part-time job in itself. It can require a lot of effort and be quite exhausting on top of studies. We’ve put together our latest top tips for searching for a part-time job efficiently and effectively.

The blueprints

The blueprints are your plan. Yes, you will need to make a plan! A plan should include all the free time you have during the day, where you’re going to search for jobs, what jobs you’re looking for and most importantly where you’re going to grab yourself a coffee.

The tailored suit

Put yourself in the employer’s shoes, recruiters will receive untailored and unspecific cover letters all day long. Avoid being the applicant who falls to the bottom of the pile, instead create interest by tailoring your CV and cover letter, highlighting your key skills and state why you’re a good match for the job role. Make it easy for the employer to identify why you’re the best candidate.

The unsuspecting enemy

Who is the unsuspecting enemy? Social media, that’s who, it really has become increasingly important to monitor what you choose to post on your social media profiles. Recruiters only have to Google your name to find your not so professional photos or posts about skipping lectures to eat at the local pub.

Seasonal work

If working during the term is not your cup of tea and you just don’t have the time, why not try looking for a seasonal job and work in your holidays. This is a great way to grab some extra money to head back to University with. Take advantage of the demand in temporary staff during summer and Christmas!


It may be worth searching for a part-time job that sits well with or compliments your studies. This could a fantastic way to get an insight into your subject field, gain some practical experience and boost your CV. All in all, searching for a part-time job is not easy, but it isn’t difficult if you do it well! You can search for student jobs here.

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