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10 Space Saving Ideas

The life of a student can be an endless struggle to find enough space for all of your things. The floor becomes an extra-large hamper basket with tons of laundry thrown about the place, the desk is packed with tons of papers and old essays and the closet door hasn’t been able to shut since you moved in. Sound familiar?

Don’t fear - these 10 tips will help you make the most out of your room space.

1. Self-storage

Before you begin to tackle the clutter in your room, consider moving things into a Ready Steady Store unit. This frees space instantly and you can finally start enjoying student life the way it was intended.

2. Boxes

If you have enough free space underneath your bed at Scape, you should make the most out of it and store things like towels, DVDs and books in plastic tubs, bins and containers. These boxes can hold quite a lot of items and by putting them underneath the bed, they won’t be visible in the room anymore.

3. Double hangers

You can’t afford to waste hangers with just one piece of clothing! Instead, use one hanger for two pieces, which will free up a lot of wardrobe space.

4. Vacuum packing

Vacuum packing can be a real lifesaver when it comes to de-cluttering your room. According to hercampus this works best when you switch your clothes in and out of packing in accordance to the seasons. Use a vacuum to suck the air out of the packed bag to reduce even more space and then keep the bags either in the back of your closet or under the bed.

5. Drawer dividers

Organise your drawers better with dividers. These are great for separating socks from your underwear and necklaces from your bracelets. They are handy and will help you to keep your room tidy throughout the semester.

6. Laundry basket

Heaps of clothes on the floor or on your desk can make a room look and feel dull. Invest in a handy laundry basket and free up even more floor space by hanging it on your door.

7. Shoe rack

Do you have hundreds of shoes and no space to store them all? Use a handy shoe rack that hangs from the inside of your wardrobe door. This is a great option to store shoes and will make finding the right pair so much simpler than having to go through a bunch of random shoes that lie scattered at the bottom of your closet.

8. Pen holders

Organizing your stationary will make a huge difference to your desk area. Use simple pen holders and gather all the random bits and bobs around your room and store them in small containers.

9. Folders and desk trays

Being a student means having a great deal of study notes and paperwork. Keep them all in separate folders to stay organised. Desk trays are also pretty useful for holding separate sheets of paper and smaller files, etc.

10. Plastic hooks

According to hexjam sticky-backed plastic hooks are the perfect solution for making the most out of your wall space. Simply stick them up and you don’t have to worry about them leaving any marks or traces of their presence when it comes to moving day.


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