Shoreditch Guide for Students

Whether you love it or hate it, there is no denying that Shoreditch is full of character, charm and jam packed with things to do. The residents may be more into the hipster way of life but this isn't a bad thing. It makes for a much laid back atmosphere throughout the day which continues into the night with many clubs and pubs to choose from. Here is a list of 4 things you have to do at least once in Shoreditch.

Go shopping

Shoreditch is home to a wide range of shops and stalls, from Box Park and its high end clothing outlets to the many independent shops and of course, Brick lane, home of Brick Lane Market. This is definitely a must for anybody visiting Shoreditch it has vintage clothing, second hand furniture, art work, old magazines, toys and a lot of food. You name it; you may just be able to find it on Brick Lane.

Eat for cheap

Okay, so you must remember here that when I say cheap, I mean cheap by London standards. Shoreditch plays host to many street food vendors from many different cultures. If it’s Vietnamese you fancy or a classic fish and chips and many different, wonderful foods in-between then head to Shoreditch. Also go check out Cereal Killer Cafe on Brick Lane, a place where many people flock to eat cereals from around the world.

Have a night out

When thinking about Shoreditch night life, two places spring to mind. XOYO and The Queen of Hoxton are places of very different vibes and speeds but are equally both worth a visit to find out which suits you the most. XOYO is your classic east London nightclub, often with resident DJ’s playing music until the early hours. The Queen of Hoxton offers many different things, from art installations to vintage pinball and film screening in its basement bar, and of course many raves. It even boasts a rooftop terrace in the summer months which offers amazing views of London.

Have a day of leisure

Bowling, dance classes, gyms, go-karting, football, basketball, snooker, boxing and so much more. It is all in Shoreditch. The pick of the bunch for me though is All Star Lanes on Brick Lane (yes there really is that much to do on Brick Lane). Its prices are reasonable at peak times and even more reasonable if you head there at off peak times, it is open until quite late each day but I really recommend going on a Friday or Saturday after 9, this is when resident DJ’s begin their sets and the place feels like it’s a strange but awesome hybrid between a club and a bowling alley and recently they have even introduced two new karaoke booths for those feeling brave.

So there you have it, 4 things to do in Shoreditch, though believe me when I say, there is much much more to do, you just have to head out and enjoy it.

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