Money tips for students

Are your money troubles getting you down? Most students have worries about their finances at some point during the academic year. You might be managing but a saving a few extra pounds a week will always help. There are many ways you can earn and save money during your studies; you may find some our tips below useful.

Participate in online surveys

Web-based survey sites, such as My Survey and Springboard will pay you for simply offering your opinion. You are able to select the survey topics you answer questions on, and can be sent recent surveys based on your personal preferences. It generally varies how much you are paid, between 10p to £2 a survey. This may not seem like a lot but once you start actively taking part this amount could grow before you know it.

As a student you have access to a range of resources to help you on your way, a few of these are below.

Be a film extra

Film and TV companies are always looking for extras to take part in their productions. Perhaps you’d love to see yourself on the big screen and have 10 seconds of fame, or maybe you’d just like to earn up to £150 a day. Search the internet for local casting offices and look in local papers for information about independent film productions in your area.

Sell your skills

Turn your talents and hobbies into a money earner. If you can play an instrument, consider teaching others what you know. Perhaps you know a second language or have a head for technology. Web design is ideal if you have the right skills as you could even work from home. Whatever it is that you’re good at becoming a tutor will not only benefit the learner, it is also excellent for your CV. Tutorfair have an admirable programme where some of the proceeds are given to charity which benefits those who can’t afford private tuition.

Volunteer for clinical trials

Drug trials are very important for the development and advancement of new drugs that help people every day. Each drug must go through testing before it can be put on the market, and pharmaceutical companies, such as GSK, are always looking for people to take part. As a student you may have more free time to take part in a clinical trial that could pay up to £2000 per study. Trials vary in length and not all require you to stay overnight. You can take university work along with you to occupy your time, and there are often entertainment facilities on site as well.

Buy own brand goods

Try to avoid the more popular brand goods you see in supermarkets. Shops have their own range of products that can taste just as good for a cheaper price, but always check the label as these sometimes have unnecessary added sugar and salt. The difference in price may not seem like much when comparing items on the shelf but when bought over a period of time it can make all the difference!

This post was kindly contributed by Megan Cherry at Touchpoint Digital.

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