Profile of City University

Originally formed in 1894, City University offers a large spectrum of subjects including economics, engineering, law, politics, maths and sociology. With seven specialist schools the University isn’t world renowned for one particular subject, but is known within multiple industries for the strong graduates they produce.

Research programme

The University hosts over 80 different courses and ranks 42 in the university leadership board; it also has a lot of links with other higher ranked universities such as Queen Mary. As a result City University benefits from more lecturers and, for certain courses, more equipment. The research programme is highly regarded, and the institution has a strong client contact list with real industry companies. Students who study at City are often able to gain first hand industry experience, which is a boost for your CV and future job prospects. Students at City have also managed to gain jobs through the contacts they made whilst studying.


The University is based in Islington, with additional campuses in Holborn, Smithfield and Whitechapel. There are a range of halls available, all are self-catered and within 10-15 minutes’ walk of the university. The cost is important to consider with prices starting at £185 per week and ranging up to well over £300 per week. It’s important to note that there are a very limited number of rooms at £185 with the average price around £250. The university has a big support system for people trying to find similar people looking for private housing, which can be cheaper.

Student Union

City’s Student Union has an area named ‘Ten’ based in Northampton Square. It has cafes and bars and special events are held there throughout the year. If this isn’t enough there are also over 50 clubs and societies for sports, journalism, music, films and more. It’s also very easy to set up new societies if your interests aren’t already covered.

Job prospects

From looking at The Student Room, it seems students choose this university because of its location, and because its graduates fare well in the job market. Those with degrees from City University statistically earn within the top 12 graduate starting salaries. Over 84% of leaving graduates are also employed within 12 months of leaving the university.


A lot of students also comment on the international programme that City offers; on certain courses you have the option to study abroad for 3-12 months. The university’s connections mean that you will be guaranteed to attend a similar or higher ranked university/institution whilst studying abroad.

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