Planning Your Summer Holiday

The academic year is passing you by faster than you expected, right? No? Well as long as you’re not a ‘fast track’ student and you still have your summer coming up, keep reading to find out how to make it something to truly look forward to!

Get your chores done first

This is the boring bit, but as soon as you’ve got your work out of the way (last minute coursework submissions for university, booking accommodation for your next year etc.) then you can really start to focus on planning your summer and getting the most out of it.

Buying flights abroad

Okay yes you’re a student, and you may not be the wealthiest person, but planning a holiday in advance as a group can be really cheap! Flights in Europe are usually pretty inexpensive, and if you don’t have any plans for the summer, then you can use skyscanner and put your dates in for any time in the summer. Then it will find the cheapest flights for you. If you’re travelling with a group (potential housemates, or some old friends from sixth form) then you could spice it up even more and put your destination as “worldwide”, and then it will show you the cheapest flights to every country listed on the website! Sometimes you can find really cheap deals on flights outside of Europe.

Booking a holiday home

So you’ve spontaneously booked a flight with all of your mates… great! Now, where are you going to stay for the week? Depending on your preferences, you could choose from a variety of options including hostels, houses, couch surfing, or even this new thing called glamping (go on, Google it). If you booked a flight to somewhere outside of Europe, then it may work out that booking a house will be pretty expensive (depending on the country, of course). So in this case, going for a hostel or B&B may be the better option. But if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Europe, then you can really save some money by using airbnb to find a house for your group. The more people sharing the house, the cheaper (in most cases) it is for each of you individually to pay!

Booking a package

Maybe booking each part separately worries you, or you think that you can find a package deal that is better. To be honest, you may be right depending on your travel preferences. Local travel agents may have some great last minute deals that you should enquire about, and you can usually negotiate the price with them so there may be some wiggle room. From my own experience, has a load of great package deals, often including flights, accommodation, and even flight transfers. Groupon can also be pretty good with finding package deals also, but Holiday Pirates has a greater variety and from what I’ve seen, the prices are considerably better on there.

Get a summer job to pay for it all

Now you’ve spent your whole overdraft on booking this holiday, I guess it’s a good idea to get some work to replenish your funds. You could always ‘get 2 for the price of 1 and find a summer job in the country you plan on spending your holiday in! That way, it kind of pays for itself.

Where next?