How to Make Your Room a Home

The importance of your own space

Far too many students arrive at university and never settle in. For whatever reason, their student accommodation gets treated like a hotel room and as a result fails to feel like a home. Decorating your room will help you feel at ease while you study in London. Here’s how you can customise your student accommodation without losing any money from your deposit.


At Scape, the recessed ambient lighting is designed to create a good study environment and a homey feel. However, one trick interior designers use is to add small lamps into a space. Decorative lamps can diffuse the light, make your room feel bigger, add visual interest and make you feel more relaxed.


Even our designer rooms will benefit from an injection of your personality. Don’t leave bare floors or carpets just as they are; put down a rug to add a bit of colour and break up the space. Rugs will make the studio feel more personal as well as being easier to clean than carpet if you spill something on your floor.


Believe it or not, a household plant can help to improve the quality of the air in your room and also benefit your mood. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, and experts believe that they can even help you concentrate, raise your productivity and improve your grades. What a boost for students!


University is an extremely exciting time, but it can also be sad to have to leave your family and friends behind. It can be very comforting to have pictures of your loved ones to hand. Pop them in a colourful frame on your shelves to help you settle in - they might even come into conversation with your new neighbours.

Keep it clean

Your parents’ house are always a pleasure to be in because they’re always neat and tidy. It can be a nuisance to pick up, clean and tidy after yourself but if you let your room get too messy, you won’t enjoy spending time there. It’s important to make your room as welcoming as possible because it’s going to be your home for some time; make it your own and it will be an enjoyable place to spend time studying, sleeping and socialising.

Our student accommodation houses some of the best academic rooms in London; why not take our tour to see how you could transform yours into a personal paradise?

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