New Year, New Workout Routine 

It’s the New Year, and the potential for some new positive habits. You've either decided to get back into the gym as it faded out towards the end of last year, or are taking it up for the very first time. This article aims to give you some easy and effective exercises that you can implement as well as set schemes for you to get started with - also you’ll be able to carry out the exercises below in the Scape gym facilities.

High Intensity Interval Training

If you're bored of doing endless monotonous hours on the treadmill or bike, then High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT, as it's commonly called) could be you're answer.

As the name implies, HIIT consists of a number of short, high intensity working periods followed by short rest periods. An example of this could be 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest continuously for 4 minutes. 4 minutes in this style has been shown to be just as effective in improving your cardiovascular ability as 45 minutes of slower endurance based exercise. Also, it is more potent in getting rid of body fat and increasing muscle mass.

Though HIIT complexes can be made up in a variety of ways, one simple way to begin is with burpees. It is important to note that to get the best results you must do as many as possible in the working times given. Moreover, the burpee can be switched with any other movement, for example sprinting or cycling.

Compound Movements

Put simply, compound movements are exercises which involve using multiple parts of your body to execute it. Some examples include the press-up, pull up or squat. These are much more effective than movements that only involve one small part of the body, as more muscle is recruited to complete them. Doing these will save you hours in the gym, burning more calories more quickly.

An easy way to set this out would be by having and 3 day upper/lower split. This means splitting the three days you work out in to upper and lower. As lower muscles tends to be bigger, it is better to have 2 days working your upper body to give those larger muscles longer to rest. E.g. upper Monday, lower Tuesday and upper again Friday.

A typical upper day could be: press ups followed by dumbbell rows, then dumbbell shoulder press followed by pull ups and a lower day could involve: 4 minutes of HIIT cycling, bodyweight squats and then finish off with kettle bell swings.


Exercises that you might find difficult to complete just one rep such as the push up or pull up can be built up to with easier variations. E.g. in the push up you can start by just completing the first half of the movement by lowering yourself down as slowly as possible. Alternatively, you could lower to half way and push up from there.

There are literally hundreds of exercise tutorial videos online. So, if there are any exercises that I’ve mentioned which you’d like clarification on, or you’d like to try out new exercises then all it takes is a quick ‘how to’ search online.

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