Blog got a new look!

We've updated our website, and here's a quick look at what's different.

Colour Scheme

Each Scape location has a separate colour identity, so you always know which information you're viewing. Scape East pages use a series of blues, Scape Greenwich a palette of greens, and Scape Shoreditch is dressed in lavish purple. If you want to know more about the Scape Student Living brand and identity, check out the pages with our namesake colour, magenta. 

Easy Navigation

These colour-coded tabs are located at the top of every page and scroll with you. They allow you to access any page quickly and easily from anywhere in the site! Just hover over the appropriate tab and select the correct link. Any subpages will display in the brightly coloured tabs on the left of the image. Still can't find it? Try a search or view the sitemap.

Scape Navigation Tabs

Social Links

If you haven't guessed, we're very into Social media. We've updated the social links on the right side so you can always check out our latest videos on YouTube, instagrams, pins, and blog posts! And if you fancy any of the information on our website, you can now tweet or post to facebook from every page, at any time - or just Like it, by clicking like in the upper left hand corner. We're curious to see which features you "like" best, so let us know!

Scape on Twitter


Blog Posts

Some of you may already be familiar with our webblog, previously known as the "info" section. This is where you'll find posts on our website related to all aspects of student life. Whether it be festival reviews, hidden hangouts, fashion advice, or january exams revision tips, we have got it covered. You can always scroll through our latest posts, directly from our homepage. We're always looking for more guest-bloggers, so please feel free to send us a post. If you enjoy our blog, pop over to our WordPress, where we have posts on even more topics!

Blog Slider

Image Galleries and Lightbox

Throughout our website we have several image galleries - whether you want to see images about the building facilities, the studio rooms, or the vibrant community, just click on the magnifying glass or the image you want to view, and it will automatically display within our new lightbox. You can then advance along to the other images in the slideshow by clicking on the image, or clicking "Prev" or "Next". To exit the slideshow, either hit the "Esc" key or click outside of the image (in the dark area of the lightbox).


Room Rates

The way we present our studio rates and information has been simplified. You can expand all if you want to review the basics of every room, or just click on the bars for the rooms you want more information on. Once expanded, you can view more details, images and even download room plans.
Room Rates

Facilities Slider

This scroller lists all of the available facilities and amenities at each location. For a comprehensive list of everything, check out the Features page, otherwise just review the facilities within The Building section for any location. Some items, like Wifi, are standard in every building, but things like The Gym, are only available at Scape East and Scape Shoreditch. Just click through the scroller to see which amenities are available to you!

Facilities Slider

Locations Maps

Find exactly where our private student halls are on a Google street map or London Underground map. Switch between the two maps to get an idea of the surrounding roads and local area or the nearest tube stations. You can also click on your university to see how far in minutes it is from any of the Scape locations. To go to your uni website, just click on the marker in the map.

Street Map

Tube map

Register Interest

Now you can register your details to receive EXACTLY and ONLY the information you specify. Simply fill in your contact details, and select which items you're interested in, and we'll contact you with information related to your selection. Want it all? Just tick every box, and you'll be sure to get all of the latest news.

Register Interest with Scape

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