4 ways to maximise your living space

Making your living area feel open and spacious can be incredibly simple. If you have the know-how and are willing to put in a little effort you can turn a neat room into a spacious living area full of potential and possibilities. So for those who are willing to make more of what they have; follow these 4 simple tips to maximise your living space for less.

Less clothes and clutter

The first step towards maximising your living space is to keep it tidy; just putting away clothes makes a big difference. Another method of keeping your living space looking its best and biggest is to keep as many surfaces free of clutter as you can; this means keeping ornaments and other non-specific items out of sight.

Light and space

Try to let as much light into your living space as you can; by opening up the area and letting the light flood in you can make your living area look much more spacious than it did before. A lack of light can make even the largest areas appear to be a bit of a tight squeeze. The recessed lighting in Scape’s studios can help, it creates ambience with no ugly bulbs on show. You’ll be surprised at how much difference a little light can make.

Storage space

Are you storing your possessions correctly? If you put them in a memorable place rather than storing them, your living area is bound to look disorganised. This can cause an unproductive mood which makes studying or revision incredibly hard. If you have items that you would like to keep but cannot find space for them within your home you should consider external storage space. This could be anything from your parents’ home to a storage unit. This will allow you to keep your living area looking clean and tidy without you having to get rid of sentimental items.

Furniture choices

The furniture that you select can make a big difference when it comes to maximising your living space. Tall yet thin bookcases allow you to store more items without taking up too much floor space. Scape has a lot of integrated storage, such as behind the mirrors in the bathroom, that can be used to keep everything tidy. Other forms of furniture that create more space include beds with storage underneath for boxes and suitcases, or a seat with hidden storage compartments.

It’s important that you do not simply move your clutter to a different location within your living area. If there are items that you do not use, want or need, we recommended you sell or recycle them in order to create more space. A tidy home is a much happier and healthier home, and will allow you to focus on other things such as exams, work and your friends.

This post was kindly contributed by Matt Cook, a dedicated member of the team at ABC Selfstore in London. When Matt isn’t focusing on methods of storing furniture or household items, he can usually be found tucked away reading a book.

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