Making the most of student discounts

So you’ve started your course at university, and by now you’ll have probably spent quite a bit of your student loan on fresher’s week. Am I right? This article will teach you some neat little money saving tricks for students! Welcome to the club!


By registering with your university, you have automatically enrolled into the national union of students. While it feels good to be part of something bigger, it does have monetary advantages also. Your student ID card get you discounts at a variety of stores, but getting an NUS card will extend this discount to a much wider range of places! They are £12 for one year and on average students have reported to save £523 a year. See how much you can save here.

My Uni Days

My Uni Days is a website that provides you with free access to exclusive student discounts on things from food to Apple computers. To gain membership, you just need to have access to your student email account (the one ending in If you’ve lost your password already, or if you’re just too lazy (well we are students after all) then you can just send them a photo of your student ID and they’ll approve your account. Be sure to find out more on their website.


The16-25 railcard provides up to 1/3 off rail fares, which proves to be a lifesaver if you frequently get homesick. But for those of us that this doesn’t apply to, it’s a great excuse to travel around the country! England has some beautiful locations and sometimes it’s nice to just take a break and be spontaneous. There are two ways of getting a free railcard, so put your wallets away and keep reading! If you somehow manage to collect £15 worth of Tesco Club card points, you can exchange them online for a free 1 year railcard. But I’m sure you’re not buying gourmet food every night (and if you are, you don’t need a discount railcard!), so it would probably take a long time for you to collect 1500 points. The easier option would be to go with Santander and register for a free student bank account if you’ve not already done so, with this account, you get a free 4 year railcard.

Amazon Student!

I’m guessing you use amazon frequently for all those things you seem to “need”, but if you’re like me and don’t like waiting for the long (3-5 day) delivery time, you can sign up for an amazon student account. This account is free for 6 months and then it costs 50% the price of Amazon prime. You get all the advantages of Prime, including free 1 day delivery, and access to the Amazon Instant Video. TIP: Do this, and stream films instead of either paying for a Netflix subscription or a TV license. Your bank balance will thank you! For more information, check out Amazon.

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