Make your uni accommodation your own

Many students don’t want to change much in their flat aside from adding a collection of your favourite takeaway menus, however many students don’t feel at home until you really stamp your mark on your room. There are endless options open to you and so to help you on your way, we put together a few of our top tips.

1) The easiest way to inject life into a room is by adding colour. But before you rush off to get a pot of paint, remember that you are renting, so any changes will have to be temporary and may end up getting charged back to your deposit.

A great way to get around this is by using accessories to inject colour and personality into a room. Different colours are said to invoke different feelings and moods, for example colour psychology suggests that blue has a calming effect, whereas yellow promotes confidence and positivity, both of which might come in handy when the exam period starts.

2) Photographs instantly bring a little piece of home into your room. It might be tempting to plaster your whole wall with pictures of nights out and holiday snaps; however, picking your favourites and displaying them in a photo frame will give more impact.

3) Your favourite band, film or even famous tennis player posters are another great way to brighten your room. You can get a real bargain at student poster sales which normally happen throughout the academic year.

4) Lighting can change the feel of any room. Adding a strong lamp will brighten a dark corner, or fairy lights can add a subtle glow. Make sure to stay away from candles, in the hustle and bustle of a student flat, it can be easy to forget they are still alight.

5) You may think your desk and chair are just a handy place to fling your clothes but keeping your workspace tidy and separate will help break up you room. It will also help you get into the studying mind set. If you want to customise your workspace, do this through your choice of stationery and study calendar.

Customising your room can easily be done on any budget. No matter what your style, putting your character into your room will bring you home comforts to help with the settling process.

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