How to Make the Most of Your Student Years

People often claim that university was the best time of their lives despite the stress and poverty, this time offers the last freedom from the real world.

Keep an open mind

What maximising the student experience boils down to is keeping an open mind, immersing yourself completely in opportunities and trying as many different things as possible, so as to build up experiences vital for an attractive CV, as well as finding what you are most passionate about in life.

Pinpoint your passion

This is important with regards to the course you choose to follow academically. University is very different from the straightjacketing of the study that precedes it where subject options are limited. Upper education courses offer a wide choice of available modules, allowing students to experiment with different disciplines before determining where their strengths and interests lie. You should take full advantage of this flexibility and enrol in a diverse range of interesting modules so that you pinpoint what you are passionate about and graduate with the qualifications you need to do what you enjoy.

Get involved in extracurricular activities

University is a package of opportunities, where extracurricular experiences can inform long-term life choices. It provides access to pretty much anything you can think of. There will be options to study and partake in projects anywhere in the world and to join any club and society imaginable.

The quest for career success is today more competitive than ever. And with two-thirds of students obtaining a 2:1 degree classification or higher, it is these non-academic achievements and experiences that will allow you to stand out from your peers.

Make the most of social life

The social side of university has a value that is all too often overlooked by many time-starved, qualification-hungry students. For while the qualification can be enough to get you a seat in a professional organization, it is your ability to deal with the people around you that will dictate how successful you are in the future.

There will also never be a better time to socialise than at university, where you are in a community of likeminded people open to integration and mutual learning. Taking advantage of this rich social life could well be the difference between drifting through university and maximising your experience.

Socialising with people from different backgrounds means that you will find yourself presented with ideas and opportunities that you would not have had access to otherwise, and these enjoyable experiences could prove to be your compass for years to come.

University is what you make of it

Ultimately, your time at university is short but the opportunities on offer are enormous.

From presentations by international experts on a multitude of unfamiliar subjects to an equally endless list of clubs and societies, university offers students a chance to discover themselves generally unrivalled by any other point in life.

Admittedly, allowing yourself to maximise the benefits of this community is not easy and achieving the balance between studying and extracurricular events takes organisation. University is what you make of it, and with the right attitude it can be deeply rewarding on many levels.

Author Bio
Simon Coulthard is Emerging Property’s Senior Copywriter and his writing experience has bolstered by regular teaching that, together with immersion in academia up to Masters level, has given him a rich tapestry of experience that makes him perfectly suited to writing his many student guides than are available across the web.

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