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Queen Mary University of London is in the heart of London’s vibrant East End. Scape East is opposite the Mile End campus, and a short journey from its Whitechapel campus. Queen Mary is a world class university renowned for its academic research, ranking 11th in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise Rankings, and the fourth highest London university. Only ahead of it were LSE, Imperial College and UCL. Being ranked number one in the country for Linguistics and Geography, and second for Dentistry and English, is all well and good, but I’m going to tell you why Queen Mary is the best London University for student experience.

The Union

The Student Union puts on an array of events for its diverse student demographic. You can volunteer with Raise and Give (RAG), or join a Club Sport and participate in Sports Leagues. The annual Merger Cup event sees Barts and The London Students compete with Queen Mary students in all kinds of sports. QMessenger, the official union newspaper, is the perfect outlet for you to voice your opinions and develop some journalistic skills. CUB is the other media outlet, and the cultural arm of the student media house at Queen Mary. There are laid back events put on such as the recent Easter Egg Hunt, which saw students hunting for egg tokens across the campuses, which they could exchange for real eggs. The Union at Queen Mary is innovative, fun, serious, smart, and above all it’s there to cater and hopefully improve your student experience at Queen Mary. All you have to do of course is get involved!

The location

There are numerous benefits to Queen Mary’s Mile End campus. There’s the beautiful Regent’s Canal which is nice to walk along in the summer. Victoria Park is a short walk away, perfect for running or cycling. On campus there’s the Student Village Shop, Ground (coffee shop) and plenty of restaurants. The Union bar Drapers is conveniently situated in the heart of things. The campus lifestyle ensures that you’ll never be bored or alone, and there is plenty to explore. Finally, Queen Mary is home to the renowned Queen’s Building, you may not use it much for lectures or seminars (although its basement is used for teaching), but you cannot deny it looks pretty good.

The history

Queen Mary was the result of college mergers between Queen Mary College, Westfield College, London Hospital Medical College and St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College. Together they formed Queen Mary and Westfield College (1989), and the School of Medicine and Dentistry (1995). In 2000 Queen Mary was adopted as the official name of the university. There are also some notable alumni including gold medal winning Olympic (1984 Los Angeles) rower Martin Cross and musician and songwriter Pete Doherty.

Get Involved

At Queen Mary there are plenty of opportunities available for you to get involved. With the ‘Try Something’ scheme you can attempt activities you might not otherwise try, such as salsa dancing, cooking, and trips around London. Not only will you meet new people, but you’ll learn some new skills, visit new places, and most of all have fun doing things outside your comfort zone. There are also opportunities to get involved in the local community by volunteering. You could help combat local poverty and volunteer at a soup kitchen, be a London Marathon volunteer, offer your expertise at local schools’ homework clubs, and even join the canal clean up group. With all this on offer I guarantee a rich student experience.

Queen Mary is an innovative and modern university that will give you a brilliant social and academic student experience. You’ll never be bored, whether you’re working or socialising, there’s always something to do. Queen Mary ticks all the boxes: great location, great transport links, beautiful parks and leisure facilities, and close to many affordable London pubs, always a plus! If it’s not on your list, then Queen Mary really should be - it’s an awesome place to study and socialise.

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