Viewing private student accommodation in London

Knowing that you have secured your university place is a euphoric moment. Not to bring you back down to earth with a bang, but there is the serious decision to be made about where you will live. You could stay in university halls, rent privately, or choose a private provider like Scape Living – which is secure, safe and sociable! Wherever you choose, you need to know what you’re looking for, what questions to ask, and how to make the most of an accommodation tour or viewing.

Location matters

Remember that you’ll be staying there for at least one academic year. You might favour living close to your university, or wish to live in an entirely different area, and commute every day. Knowing what’s near to the accommodation (supermarkets, banks, transport links, pubs, libraries, parks, gyms, restaurants, etc) should be high on your checklist. When you take a tour, spend a bit of time looking around the local area too. You may find the perfect accommodation, but if the area isn’t to your taste it’s better to find this out before you book and make any initial payment.

Make the most of your tour

Once you’ve made your decision on where to live, try and take a tour before booking. Tours allow you to look around the whole building; for example at Scape East you can see the communal kitchen, study areas, gym and the garden. Make sure you view communal areas in addition to a studio/bedroom, and ask to see a real room rather than a showroom. You can arrange a tour of Scape Living here, just click the Book a Viewing link at the top.

Questions, questions, questions

Always be prepared with questions to ask. You may want to know if there are social events (see below), a cleaning service, or what’s included in the rent. If you’re viewing Scape East or Scape Greenwich your questions may already be answered in the FAQs.

Check out the social events on offer

Does the accommodation hold events so that you can get to know other residents? Scape organises regular social events, from trips to local firework displays in November and Christmas and New Year parties, to movie nights and dinner parties. Living at Scape you feel neither solitary nor isolated, which you might expect from living in a studio room where your bathroom, kitchen and bedroom are all in one place. These events bring the student community together for a night, or day of fun, you should think about whether this is something that you want from your accommodation.

Can you get involved?

This is another added extra that you might want to ask about on your tour. At Scape you can help run social events, design posters, or contribute to the accommodation’s newsletter or blog. If this sounds interesting you should ask and see if this is possible at your chosen accommodation.

Where next?