How to Make Extra Money at University

Life as a student has always been expensive, cost of living and tuition fees have both risen sharply in recent years. You can save money by spending less on a weekly shop, but cutting back isn’t the only way to take care of your money. Students can be known for their hoarding habits, and you can earn some money from your old, unwanted items.

Gadget Stores

So you’ve moved into student halls, and you’ve brought your computer, phone, speakers… the list of gadgets is endless, right? Well not all of these items are essential and you can part with some of your electronics by selling them. Try looking around your room for old gadgets and unwanted items that can be sold at a local second hand store. Check on websites such as for a guide price before lugging your larger items around town! Don’t be afraid to barter with the customer assistant, and if you are unhappy with the price given at a particular store try shopping around, you may get a better price elsewhere.

Car Boot Sales

You may be studying at a location where travelling to the ‘local’ gadget store isn’t really an option. In this case, you could try local events such as car boot sales or fairs. The cost of having a stall/pitch shouldn’t be too much; you could go with a few friends, pool your stuff to sell and split the cost of the pitch.If you’re taking electronics to sell, try looking for an indoor event as bad weather will most likely break your gear. London also has its share of car boot sales, listings can be found here.

Online Ad Listing

If you’re still at a loss, try posting an ad on craigslist or Gumtree. Delivery is free, and no there’s no charge to list your items, unlike eBay. Always be careful when selling your items online and beware of scam artists.

Old Clothing

There are other websites that allow you to send unwanted clothes in return for cash. So if you have any labelled clothing that doesn’t fit, pay a visit to musicMagpie. After all, it’s just collecting dust in your wardrobe! This website also gives you cash for DVDs, games and electronics.

EXTRA TIP: Take a look inside your local charity shop and see if there are branded garments on sale. You could make a quick profit through buying and selling them online.

Gift Cards

If you have lots of clothing that isn’t branded (you are a student after all) then you could check out schemes such as the one offered by H&M. They allow you to take in a bag of old clothes in exchange for a £5 gift voucher that can be spent in store on yet more clothes. Let’s face it, you were just going to buy more anyway!

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