Help for international students

International students can face challenges when coming to study in the UK. These can be overcome with a smart and tailored approach, and there is always help on hand.

What are the problems faced by international students?

The study abroad experience can be an exciting one; however it can also be very challenging. International students face many of the same issues as UK students, such as making new friends or adjusting to a new environment – even the most confident student can feel anxious. But think how much harder this is for those students who are also getting to grips with a different language, culture and set of customs.


The English language can be a big hurdle for many international students. It can be difficult to effectively communicate when English is not your first language. The best way to deal with this is to read the news, listen to the radio, communicate with English students or enrol for a language course. You can also get specialist help from English language experts at PhD Tutors who can be subject experts trained in both your native language and English! One-to-one interaction with native tutors, friends and course mates is very beneficial.

Culture shock and other pastoral issues

The shock of a new culture and having to adjust can be a real barrier for students in a new country. You can deal with this by learning the culture from new friends and colleagues as you go along. International students can feel lonely, isolated, and vulnerable but if you take advantage of university-run buddy schemes, societies and unions these can offer a lot of support. Friendship networks and organisations like the UK China Students and Scholars Association and National Indian Students Union UK, alongside groups on Facebook and Twitter offer a great way to catch up with people from your own country!

Getting a work visa after graduating

Work visas for international graduates wanting to work in the UK have undergone considerable changes – a full list of all visas available in the UK can be found on the UKBA website. You can find a graduate job from a sponsoring employer on the UKBA sponsor register, if your employer has questions they can call the UKBA Employer Helpline on 0300 123 4699. The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website and advice line (020 7107 9922) is an excellent source of support for international students.

How to improve your employability

Having a high standard of English is an essential skill when applying for jobs in the UK. Practise your English as much as possible or even take a language class, PhD Tutors offer these. Part time jobs, work placements and volunteering will look good on your CV, and can help you gain experience, develop new skills, and try out an area of work you are interested in. employers also value entrepreneurial candidates who can drive innovation and enterprise. Get involved with university outreach projects like Enactus, or find an entrepreneur society at your university.

How PhD Tutors can help international students

We provide valuable support and guidance from PhDs, lecturers and professionals who are subject and language specialists.

  • Tailored language lessons for all levels
  • Academic help for all university subjects
  • Assignment help for coursework, dissertations or theses
  • Scholarship search and proposal writing service
  • Targeted career mentoring with help from blue chip companies such as Accenture, RBS and Pfizer
  • CV writing service

This post was kindly provided by PhD Tutors.

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