Getting Involved - Part 2

Making the most of your time at university

Here is the second part of our guide to getting involved at university. Hopefully these suggestions will provide you with inspiration, and perhaps some ideas for New Year’s resolutions...

Find your voice

If you’re full of opinions and you feel that after every seminar you have more to say on a given topic, but you don’t have a channel for this, starting a blog might be the answer. You can create a free blog on WordPress, it’s free and easy to set up an account. You can then customise the theme and look of your blog, check which readers are viewing your posts, and from where in the world. You can also connect it to your social media accounts so that you reach a wider audience. Writing a blog can be a good way of encouraging debate around the themes of your course, but it could also have a completely unrelated, and more personal slant. Either way, it’s something else that you can add to your CV that shows initiative, a passion for writing, and creativity.

Student Council

It’s just as easy to express your voice at university without creating a blog. If you think you could improve university life for the better then joining the Student Council is for you. It isn’t as simple as just filling out a form; there are elections and other candidates, and it can become very competitive and time consuming. It is worth it, as you’ll have the chance to change and influence academic and social aspects of student life if you are elected. Alternatively, if being a part of a council doesn’t interest you, but you have thoughts on how to improve life at university then you can still go to your Student Union and submit a motion. The process may be slightly different for each university so make sure you check with the relevant Union.

Make a difference and volunteer

If you want to get some life experience, widen your horizons and help out in the local community then consider volunteering. There are numerous organisations that are looking for young adults to get involved in community projects. The nearest centre to Scape East is Volunteer Centre Tower Hamlets, and their website is a good place to start. There will also be volunteering opportunities through your university, for more information get in touch with your Student Union representatives or visit the SU website. For example, Queen Mary has a useful section on their website providing you with all the relevant information. However you go about it, there are a huge range of community projects that might interest you and local organisations or your university will be happy to help find the right one.

If you have got involved, let us know over Facebook or Twitter. It could be on the advice of our articles, or it might be an initiative of your own. Either way, we’d like to hear about it!

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