Getting Involved - Part 1

Making the most of your time at university

There are numerous opportunities to get involved at university. Below are a few ideas to get you thinking...


Every university has a wide range of societies that appeal to every type of student. There are academic, faith, cultural and political societies, among others. Joining one gives you a chance to meet other students with similar interests, and it can also help you develop certain skills. For example, if you were on the committee you may be involved in the planning and execution of the society’s events. Events can be both social and more academic - the History Society at Queen Mary University often organises bar crawls and bowling, but also has a talk planned by Andrew Marr in December. There are also societies geared towards campaigning and helping in the community, so it can be a way for you to make a difference as well as make new friends.

Useful links: QMUL societiesCity University societies LSE societiesUAL societies,KCL societies


Another way to get involved is through sport – all universities will have a sports programme with something for everyone. Queen Mary’s programme, Get Active, caters for all abilities. They offer reasonably priced sessions on a wide range of sports from the conventional football, rugby and netball to lesser known sports such as judo, climbing and dodge ball. Taking part in this way will keep you fit and healthy, and you’ll also get the chance to meet people you might not have done through your course or residence.

Course Reps

Each course at every university has one or maybe two course representatives. It’s their job to voice the concerns of students, and they act as link between students and staff for each course. Becoming a course rep allows you to influence change on your course for the better, those at Queen Mary last year helped to improve facilities in the library, get more copies of books, and improve the submission procedure for handing in coursework. These changes have made academic life a lot easier, and were all effected by students! If this interests you then seek out your current course rep, and find out from them what they get from the role. Bear it in mind for the next academic year, nominations will open around the start of the new term.

These opportunities are a great way of making the most of your time at university. They will also enable you to add skills such as teamwork, communication, negotiation etc to your CV, so it’s worth it for now and for the future! Why not let us know through Facebook or Twitter how you got involved?

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