Frugal Student Living in London's Greenwich Peninsula

Securing a degree in London can be a pricey prelude to maturity. After you're qualified and have found your first job circumstances may be easier, but it's that three year crossover from college to the adult years that can be nerve-racking for students on strained budgets. The fantastic thing is there are several ways for students to become more money-wise or smart buyers, if you're simply more aware about what you are spending. The folks at Degree Jungle have compiled four recommendations for London students living on a small allowance, while residing in the city's charming, Greenwich Peninsula.

Never forget your student ID card

Many Greenwich establishments and university-sponsored functions will grant concessions to students with a valid ID. While 10% off lunch may not seem like a lot, it does accumulate eventually. Sporting events and shows may be even cheaper with a student ID. London Underground, Emirates Air Line and Thames Clippers all do student fares.

A student’s hard-earned cash goes fast

Everyone should have a chance to alleviate tension after a few days of study, but be cautious about exactly where your cash goes. The Red Door, Wagamama and Las Iguanas all offer a respite from study, but aren’t the cheapest. The North Pole, Belushi's and Bar 57 choose entertainment to bring in patron, but this sometimes means paying on the door. Nightlife can end up being a siphon on resources because you are urged to spend on cocktails and food. You could end up spending a fortune just on non-alcoholic drinks and snacks.

Think about attending at university or accommodation-organised gatherings instead. University theatrical departments may showcase performances; music departments may exhibit cost-free presentations; and film clubs frequently screen fascinating films free-of-charge or at discounted admissions. Some local hangouts will have entertainment without cover charges during the week. Scape Living puts on events for their students which are often free of charge! make sure you check their Facebook and Twitter for news. The idea is that you should never have to shell out lots of cash to enjoy the sociable elements of university living.

Cook whenever you can

Getting dinner at the Green Pea is nice once in a while, but overall you'll save by doing a big shop and stocking up your fridge. Try Greenwich Market for lovely, fresh produce! Fruit is a great snack while studying, and carbonated mineral water is a healthier option than fizzy drinks. Sometimes the healthier alternatives can be cheaper too!

A considerable chunk of the average student's food allowance goes on snack foods and other comfort meals. Living frugally does imply avoiding the seriously-expensive foods that you crave. It might be more cost-effective to pitch-in with others on an occasional pizza rather than buying a whole one on your own.

Save money on your rent

Some students choose to rent privately, thinking that sharing with five other flatmates can save them considerable sums of money, but that's not necessarily true. Without a doubt, when everyone is shelling out for their share of the utility bills and rent, the expense per student can be quite affordable. However, should someone choose to move out the remaining flatmates will all need to spend more to cover the expenditures, and utility rates are constantly on the rise!

Staying in student accommodation like Scape means that all your bills are taken care of. Relocating into a private flat or house can prompt unforeseen expense, so continue cautiously if you're really considering it.

This was a guest post kindly provided by Degree Jungle.

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