Market trader: get the most out of Hoxton’s markets

High street shops and chain supermarkets can get pretty tiresome, can’t they? People shuffle along with their trolleys oblivious to one another as they shovel tasteless, cellophane-wrapped foodstuffs into their baskets: the same bland products every week. With Britain’s high-streets becoming more and more homogenised, people need to look elsewhere for a shopping experience that’s a little more fulfilling. Fortunately for all of us, London has a rich history of independent markets that provide high-quality products and foodstuffs that aren’t simply churned out by a soulless corporation, often at competitive prices. Many of these still operate today, and while you’re staying in our excellent student accommodation on Mile End road, you’ll find several of them right on your doorstep...

Farmer’s market, Mile End Queen Mary Campus

We’re sure your parents will have been incessantly telling you to buy fresh fruit, veg, meat and fish instead of subsisting on the more common takeaway-based student diet. Fortunately for them, and for you, Scape is five minutes down the road from the University of London’s Queen Mary Campus, where a local farmer’s market is hosted every Thursday from 9am until 2pm. Here you can buy fresh local produce including sausages, fruit and vegetables, freshly caught fish and artisan breads to ensure that your diet can range from the simply healthy to the practically opulent. Take advantage of this local treasure and the parents will have nothing to worry about! For more tips on student dining, check out our guide on how to shop like a student and eat like a king...

Roman Road market

Markets can provide you with more than just food, however. We encourage our residents to make their rooms that little bit more homely, and at craft markets like the excellent Roman Road market, you can pick up some great bargains to do just that. You can source yourself some budget antiques, pick up a few books for study or pleasure, take in some spectacular street performers and even grab a bite to eat. The Roman Road is the oldest known trade route in Britain, so the market is steeped in history. If you want to check it out, you’ll find it only takes ten minutes to walk there from Scape’s Mile End campus. How convenient is that?

Brick Lane market

If you’re feeling adventurous and up for venturing a little further afield, Brick Lane Market is a sprawling, traditional flea market where you can buy yourself just about anything you could possibly want. Brick Lane is about a half-hour walk form Scape, and it’s well worth the effort to go and take in the sights, smells and bargains aplenty that the market has to offer. Brick Lane is famed for being an area rich in Asian culture, so you can grab some fantastically authentic food while you’re there, and the market itself will provide you with vintage clothing, electrical goods and bric-a-brac aplenty. Why not check it out and see what hidden gems you could unearth?

Scape’s Hoxton location means that some of London’s best sights and experiences are just minutes away; don’t miss out on what could be some of the times of your life! Take our virtual tour to see some of the amazing opportunities and facilities on offer for the students who stay with Scape.

Scape – the place to be! 

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