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The Best Student Apps

App happy: Scape’s top six apps for London students

These days, technology is every bit as important for students living in London as text books, stationery and diaries were for students thirty years ago. You’d sooner leave the house half-dressed than go anywhere without your smartphone or tablet, so it makes sense that you should make the most out of these technologies where possible! With that in mind, take a look at our five favourite apps for London students and see how they could improve your studies this year.

iStudiez Pro (iOS)

Available for just £1.99 from the app store, iStudiez pro should mean that student rooms in London will no longer be cluttered with the daily planners and lesson timetables of previous generations. iStudiez pro allows students to arrange relevant information like class timetables, lesson syllabi and coursework hand-in dates in an easy to use interface, and instead of all those cumbersome books, all you’ll need is your iPhone or iPad in future. Ideal!

Time Out London (Android & iOS)

The best student apps needn't be purely educational, however. We feel that students living in London should make the most of all the social activities available in this fine city, and what better way to do so than have alerts sent to your phone or tablet? The Time Out London app will keep you updated with information on the latest gigs, events, film releases and other London goings-on, and the app is available for free on both Apple and Android operating systems.

Languages (iOS)

Are you learning a foreign language or just looking to improve your English while a student here in London? If so, there’s an app for that! Languages has a naturalistic user interface and stores thousands of words and phrases without the need for an active internet connection – no more waiting for your vocab to load in future! Languages is available for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for 69p.

Studydroid (Android)

We all remember flash cards, and they’ve been used as a successful study aid for longer than your grandparents’ memories can stretch back. Studydroid takes these a step further, allowing you to create and sync flash cards between your phone and computer and access them through either. You can even use pictures that you’ve taken with your phone, and reshuffle the cards so that you know you’re learning the answers, rather than just the order.

Paper (iOS)

While a large number of educational apps are very practical and useful for learning or organisation, few really enhance a student’s creativity. Paper, however, is a notable exception. This fun, intuitive app lets students draw, paint, sketch and note expressively, containing a large number of different functions and features that allow you to express yourself without tedious technical limitations. The app is well integrated with social media too, meaning you can share your creations on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ in seconds. The app runs on Apple operating systems and, best of all, costs nothing.

Google Docs (Android & iOS)

University learning isn’t always independent, and you’ll find yourself working on collaborative projects more often than you might have expected while studting here in London. Arranging a time and a place to suits students that may live in all sorts of different east London accommodation isn’t always easy, but if you download Google Docs, you won’t have to meet up at all. Google Docs allows students to publish documents online, with multiple people able to view and edit the text documents simultaneously. Remote collaboration has never been easier, and you can download Docs for free for use with both Android and iOS software.

We know that it can often feel a little busy and chaotic when you’re at University. We hope these apps will help you to enjoy your time a little more. Be sure to stay up to date with our blog for more helpful advice, such as how to stay safe in London or the best hangouts in Hoxton.

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