A career in art: how to become the next Rembrandt

For those aspiring artists with hopes of becoming the next Rembrandt, most will face significant obstacles. When artists combine their passion with education and planning, they are much more likely to find true success.

Art education

A solid education is critical for success in any field, whether it's art or engineering. While some people may muddle through without it, pursuing an education opens up the doors to a world of possibilities. Pursuing an art education online degree is the perfect solution for artists who don't have the time or ability to attend traditional classes. An online degree program provides an opportunity for artists to improve themselves and their techniques, as well as learn about art history, and how art relates to today's business environment.

Commitment and consistency

How many days do you suppose Rembrandt took off? As an artist, your success depends largely on building a vast body of work. Not only does this help to improve your abilities as an artist, it provides you with an inventory to market your talents.

When you're always drawing, painting, or sculpting, you're always creating value. With this type of commitment and consistency, success almost becomes about mathematics. The more material you have to show agents, galleries, and the general public, the more likely you are to generate interest in your work.

If you only measure success in creating art that makes you happy, that's wonderful. You are accomplishing the same thing by producing work on a consistent basis.


Much like any other freelance talent, artists are often forced to wear multiple hats, and one of those hats must assume the role of a marketing and advertising professional.

Creating a balanced marketing campaign helps to put work in front of the public eye, on a scale that will build a fan base and possibly generate a much-needed income. From placing work in small galleries to keeping an updated blog, it's critical to get exposure beyond your living room, your friends, and family.

Again, your notion of becoming the next Rembrandt may not involve selling work, but making your living as an artist creates a level of freedom that will help to advance your craft.

From education to marketing, an aspiring artist ultimately needs to take responsibility for their own success and destiny. Agents will not appear out of thin air and knock at your front door. It takes hard work and a serious commitment to even consider becoming a world-famous artist.

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